КОМПАС-3D V15.2 Full With Crack

Software Name  КОМПАС-3D
Size  2.00 GB
Version  V15.2
Screenshot   КОМПАС-3D V15.2 [1]КОМПАС-3D V15.2 [2]
Description КОМПАС-3D  – three-dimensional modeling system, which has become a standard for thousands of businesses, thanks to a combination of ease of development and ease of operation with powerful features solid and surface modeling. A key feature of the product is to use their own mathematical core and parametric technologies developed by ASCON specialists.

Engineering configuration V15.2
• Setting the Machine configuration for KOMPAS-3D is only possible after installation of KOMPAS-3D.
• Warning! Configuration version – 32-bit or 64-bit – should match the version of KOMPAS-3D.
• Engineering configuration includes libraries used in engineering design:
– Mechanics: Animation
– Dimensional chain
– Product: Gearboxes,
– Product: Electric motors,
– Product: Clutches,
– Shafts and mechanical transmission,
– Mechanics: Springs,
– Equipment: Pipelines
– Equipment: Metal 3D,
– Molds 3D,
– Equipment: Sweep.
• In addition to applications, machine configuration contains some files needed to use KOMPAS-3D in mechanical design.

Construction configuration V15.2
• Warning!
• Installation 15.2 Building configuration is possible only after the installation of KOMPAS-3D V15.2 (x64).
• Composition Construction configuration:
• Construction 15.2 configuration includes the following components used in industrial and construction design:
• Applications:
– Concrete Structures: QL (includes catalog: Concrete
• construction)
– Architecture: AS / AR (includes catalog: Architectural elements)
– Technology: TX (includes catalog: Technological equipment and
• Communication, Product: Elements of vessels and equipment Product: Elements
• chemical industries, Product: Machine tools)
– Life support: RH (includes catalog: Elements of heating systems and
• ventilation)
– Life support: VC (includes catalog: Elements of water supply and
• sewage)
– Metal KM (includes catalog: Metal, catalog: Model
• metal, Directory: Units of metal structures)
– ASAP Helper
– Gas supply GOS
– Rubius Electric Suite: 0.4-10 kV transmission line
– Rubius Electric Suite: Ministry of Health
– KOMPAS-object
– Manager of the facility construction
– Library Orientation.
• Catalogs:
– Product: Metal
– Product: Construction machinery
– Product: OPS
– Product: SCS
– Product: Master plan and landscape
– Product: PPR and POS
– Product: Wooden constructions
– Evacuation Plan
– Product: Machine tools
– Product: TekhnoNIKOL.
• Tutorials:
– The ABC AU / AR
– The ABCs of KM
– The ABCs of QOL
– Alphabet TX.

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