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Software Name  Maxon CINEMA 4D
Size  6.44 GB
Version  R16.050 Hybrid 2015
Screenshot  Maxon CINEMA 4D R16.050 Hybrid 2015 [1] Maxon CINEMA 4D R16.050 Hybrid 2015 [2]
Description CINEMA 4D R16 – the new generation of applications in the industry leading 3D-motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering. With the new character animation, integrated stereographic properties, the possibility of an interaction of several artists (designers) and physical rendering, CINEMA 4D R16, based on 25 years of the company, allows 3D-artists (designers) around the world quickly and simply create the most attractive content for any of the branches.

CINEMA 4D Studio has all the necessary tools to tackle even the most complex projects:
• Modeling. CINEMA 4D Studio can import and export files in various formats, ensuring compatibility with virtually all third-party products. Simulation Toolkit lets you work with parametric and polygon objects, segmented surfaces and all kinds of deformers and modifiers. The nonlinear modeling in CINEMA 4D can at any time make changes to parametric objects and at the same time provides a fast and easy workflow.
• Materials and Textures. CINEMA 4D offers all the standard and advanced options for creating excellent surface for your models. Materials have 14 different channels, and you can even customize them for specific needs (for example, a game engines). Use as a texture image or video, or the latest shaders, such as subsurface scattering, or backlight. To achieve professional-quality texturing CINEMA 4D offers a high quality set of tools for 3D-drawing.
• Animation. When it comes to animation, CINEMA 4D Studio – handyman. Of course, it contains all the standard animation tools that you would expect from a professional 3D-packet. But CINEMA 4D Studio can offer so much more. Progressive tools for character animation, the new dynamics of hard and soft bodies, cloth simulation, event-driven particle system, cloning tools, effectors, and even hair tool that creates live, fluttering in the wind hair.
• Lighting. CINEMA 4D Studio offers an abundance of opportunities for lighting your scene. A variety of standard light sources and shadow types included in the package can be configured using the myriad options, starting with the light fall and ending volume light from the lens to the effects of inclusion and exclusion lists.

The most important thing in the CINEMA 4D R16:
• It is a new dynamic: CINEMA 4D now has a versatile and easy to use system dynamics of solids based on well proven engine Bullet. Solid bodies, soft bodies and numerous opportunities to connect objects to each other connectors are also unique in its kind as an option allows you to change the shape of objects pressure of the air.
• Line process: Setting a linear process in the CINEMA 4D R16 is possible with just one click. Thus, light and color will be computed natural, but also require fewer light sources and a lower quality setting – as a result you will get better images with less effort.
• Color profiles: The program now fully supports color profiles. This applies to the shaders and textures on one side and displayed on the monitor, as well as to the result of rendering the other.
• Light sources IES: With these light sources IES can recreate natural lighting lamps of different manufacturers. Also supported by the photometric parameters of light such as lumens, candela, and color temperature.
• Manager rendering: Calculating the multiple scenes in a row now seems a much more convenient. You can later choose different camera and render settings and check the active thumbnail image.
• Picture Manager: Multilateral manager image received in this version has more features. Histogram display, navigator for larger images and full-screen playback of animation.
• New tools for the creation of characters: Inverse kinematics has now dynamic qualities. CINEMA 4D Studio provides a new, highly productive tool PoseMorph mixing different functions.
• New deformers: Also new are the various deformer that can be used for modeling and animation. They provide new ways of bringing objects to the form.
• These units: 4D now supports real units. With these objects can be used in other stages in the correct scale.
• Python: The Python programming language is now fully supported and allows users to extend the CINEMA 4D additional functions or scripts.
• And also: In this version you will find still many other new features. So for example, the internal double precision, dual transformation, support OpenGL3, new shader architecture, L-system for parametric splines and many other innovations.

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