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Software Name  SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Size  1.39 GB
Version  SP3.0
Screenshot  SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP3.0 [1] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP3.0 [2]
Description SolidWorks Enterprise PDM – manages data and processes at different stages of the product life cycle, providing collective (parallel) product development, manufacturing technologies, processes, simulation, maintenance documentation with the possibility of two-way communication with the systems of enterprise management class ERP / MRP. As a result, the company created a single information space encompassing the technical, economic and financial, logistical and administrative units, including geographically distributed structure.

The composition of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM includes modules management of engineering data and product structure, management of electronic archives (SWR-Archive), document routing, configuration management products (SWR-Configurator) the creation of various reports (SWR-editor of specifications), classification of products (SWR- Qualifier), regulatory management reference (SWR-Resources, SWR-materials), integration with various CAD (2D and 3D MCAD, ECAD), integration modules with a variety of enterprise information systems (DCS, MRP / ERP, MES) and so forth.

Support for business objectives of the enterprise
The introduction of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM can significantly improve competitiveness and increase the capitalization of the company by implementing the concept of PLM. It provides a solution to the classic business challenges:
• Reduce development time and production.
• Cost savings in all phases of the product lifecycle.
• Improving the quality of products.
• Support for innovation in the enterprise, coupled with the need to expand into new markets and the implementation of more complex projects.

Controlling Access to Data
Geographically distributed structure. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is an indispensable tool for enterprises, where work on the project is carried out in the framework of geographically dispersed sites (branch network, work with subcontractors and so on.). In this case, each site is organized its store online access, are stored on the main server metadata. Servers “communicate” via the internet and synchronize data automatically on a schedule or on demand. In the temporary disconnection from the main server to an autonomous work with previous and newly created files. This allows users of each site to always have the latest information on the site about the whole project. In addition, for travel professionals to organize the system allows full operation via the Internet through WEB-access to a selection of the store, that is, access to a selection of the repository directly via the WEB-browser. Supports VPN-encrypted channels and protocols (SSL, HTTPS).

Web-based access. Portal Web2 SolidWorks Enterprise PDM runs on all popular browsers and mobile devices. It allows full access to the storage from anywhere and at any time that is necessary to ensure prompt receipt of information and project management. Functional Portal Web2:
• Advanced search by file names, variables, and configurations in the cards.
• Preview documents in a browser window.
• Preview files in the SolidWorks eDrawings from a window in Internet Explorer.
• View the values ??of the data card file.
• View information “contains” and “Where Used.”
• View the current status of the files on the flow of work and the ability to change states.
• Full work with files in the repository: editing, recording, cancel the editing, getting the latest version, download the new files to the repository.

Project management
Integrated operation with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows Microsoft Project to a new level of project management in the design and technological preparation of production. Tasks:
• Approval of developed schedules.
• Manage resource pool, located in the vault.
• Automatic delivery notification.
• Transfer of information on the implementation of tasks from the repository to the project file.
• Tracking the progress of the project and more.

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