Acronis Disk Director 12.0 Build 3297 Full + Key

Software Name Acronis Disk Director
Size  298.56 MB
Version  12.0 Build 3297
Description Acronis Disk Director 12 is the newest version of the most functional product for disk management. If you need maximum disk performance and data security, this package offers the best tools for creating, resizing, migrating and merging partitions without losing data. Acronis Disk Director 12 offers new powerful features – support for Windows 8, support for dynamic and GPT disks, distribution of volumes across multiple disks, support for WinPE 4.0 and WinPE 5.0, support for machines based on UEFI and much more.

The main features of Acronis Disk Director 12:
• Create basic and dynamic volumes. The handy Volume Creation Wizard is improved and now supports the creation of dynamic volumes. Now, besides the basic volumes in Acronis Disk Director, it’s easy to create dynamic volumes, which allows you to:
Increase the volume of a volume beyond the capacity of one disk, using a composite volume;
Reduce file access time with an alternating volume;
Provide fault tolerance with a mirrored volume *.
• Add, remove, and split mirrored volumes. A basic or simple volume can be made fault-tolerant by just one action – by adding a mirror. If you need additional unallocated space on the disk, where one of the mirrors is located, remove the mirror. Divide the mirrored volume to get two independent simple volumes with identical source content.
• Copying or moving a volume of the same type as a volume of a different type. When you copy or move a volume, change its type. For example, the contents of a mirrored volume can be copied to a composite volume.
• Convert primary volumes to logical volumes and vice versa. Convert the main volume into a logical volume to create the fifth volume on the disk, where there are currently four main volumes.
• Convert basic disks to dynamic disks and vice versa. Convert existing basic disks to dynamic disks, which increases the reliability of the disk used as a data store.
• Convert GPT disks to MBR disks and vice versa. You can change the disk partition layout as required.
• Import foreign discs. Dynamic disks added from another machine can be made available on the system.
• Change the status of the disk: from online to offline and vice versa. Change the status of the disk to standalone to protect it from unintentional use.
• Clone the disc. Using the disk cloning wizard, you can replace the old primary MBR disk with a new one without reinstalling the operating systems and applications. The wizard transfers all data from the source disk to the target disk. The volumes of the source disk can be cloned to the target disk “one-to-one” or resized automatically based on the size of the target disk.
• Operations for managing disks and volumes. Below are listed a wide range of operations for managing disks and volumes.
Resize, move, copy, split and merge disks without losing or destroying data.
Formatting volumes, assigning labels and letters to them, and switching volumes to the active state.
Initializing newly added hard drives.
Deleting volumes.
Changing file systems.
Disk cleaning.
Hide and display volumes.
Specify the density of the i-node.
Change the cluster size.
Overview of volume data (even Linux) before performing operations.
View changes made to the disk and volume structure before applying these changes.
View detailed information about all hard disks, volumes, and file systems.
• Acronis Recovery Expert. Helps to recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks.
• Acronis Bootable Media Builder. Now you can create bootable media based on both WinPE and Linux to use Acronis Disk Director on a clean machine or without an operating system.
• Acronis Disk Editor. A professional tool for performing various actions on a hard disk.
• Journal. Allows you to view information about operations with disks and volumes, including finding out the causes of failures, if they occur.

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