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Software Name  AKVIS Pastel
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Description AKVIS Pastel allows you to convert a photo into a drawing made with pastels. The program converts any image into a work of art imitating one of the most popular artistic techniques – the art of pastel.AKVIS Pastel combines painting and graphic capabilities, takes the best of both kinds of fine art, working with line and color, shading and scenic spots. To paint with pastels using special crayons of pigment forming a soft, velvety strokes with loose edges and textured surface roughness, pigment retention. A distinctive feature is the pastel colors flickering that occurs due to radiography of paper, rich in texture, juicy brilliance and richness, freshness of tone, brightness and tenderness of soft transitions.

AKVIS Pastel allows you to realize your creative ideas. With this program you can create a beautiful picture, even without possessing the talent and skills of the artist. You can select one of the presets or adjust the parameters of the effect on your own, a masterpiece guaranteed. Conversion settings in pastel pictures allow you to control the process and obtain various types of drawing. Additional tools allow to improve the result, change the direction of automatically generated lines that strengthen or weaken the effect of pastels on selected areas, apply the finishing touches.

To obtain reliable effect of pastels is important to use a suitable surface. Usually artists draw with pastels on grit paper. With this program, you can choose any type of surface: velor or sand paper, canvas, brick wall or plaster. The program allows you not only to create a pastel drawing of pictures, you can also add text to the image, signature, title, dedication.

It is possible to edit a series of images using batch files, that allows you to apply artistic effects to the images folder and automatically convert all files in a pastel drawings. This function is useful when you want to create a set of drawings in the same style, for example, a blog or a booklet.

The product is presented as a plugin to image editors (plugin) and as a separate, independent program (standalone), which does not require the presence of photo editors. The plugin is compatible with all popular photo editors: Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro and others.

Options depend on the type of license. During the trial period you can try all options and choose the most suitable. For complete information, see the comparison table versions and licenses.

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