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Software Name Ashampoo Photo Optimizer
Size  97.58 MB
Screenshot Ashampoo Photo Optimizer [1] Ashampoo Photo Optimizer [2]
Description Ashampoo Photo Optimizer – a new version of the program, through which your favorite pictures become much brighter, lighter, gain clarity and contrast. If you try to compare results before and after the transformation, it will be seen noticeable how strong programming optimization algorithm. After spending a day working with this program, you may no longer want to use any other, largely because of the large time savings. The whole folder of images automatically scanned and converted. The initial data are automatically stored in the backup folder and deleted only when the user is completely satisfied with the transfigured photos.

Digital cameras are now almost everyone has. The problem is that the photos do not always turn out what they would like to see take off. They are too dark, with poor contrast and pale colors. They are often blurry and faded. You can then process each photo with the help of a professional image editor and bring it to perfection. But are all able to do it? At the same ones who can often not enough time – for processing photos it can take a lot.

That is why Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is necessary for everyone, the use of digital camera. The program opens the pictures and shows them in its window. One click is enough to fully optimize the image. And the effect of this optimization you will be impressed. With Ashampoo Photo Optimizer images become brighter, lighter, get clarity and contrast. If we compare the figures before and after the transfiguration, it is noticeable how strong programming optimization algorithm. If your pictures are not set or turned over, you can easily turn them all with one click.

Program Features:
• Instant optimizing images for bargain glitter images.
• Optimize all your photos in one click.
• Red-Eye Removal.
• Rotate the image in one click.
• Convert to black and white, sepia or invert colors.
• Quick and easy adjustment of brightness and contrast.
• Automatic backup.
• Launch program from Explorer Windows.

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