Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite 8.0.1603 Full + License Key

Software Name  Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite
Size  163.78 MB
Version  8.0.1603
Screenshot   Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite 8.0 [1]Avast! Endpoint Protection Suite 8.0 [2]
Description avast! Endpoint Protection Suite is a provides protection for small networks and corporate networks company. Our award-winning antivirus and antispyware kernel provides protection for workstations, while avast! File Server Security protects your servers. We recommend for simple networks Small Office Administration Console for advanced users with a comprehensive network console Enterprise Administration. Our version of the “Plus” also includes anti-spam, firewall “without notice” and avast! Email Server Security.

• New! Interface avast! amended in accordance with the modern styles of navigation.
• New! Function Remote Assistance allows users to avast! to connect and share a desk with one another. This may be useful for support and the common administrative purposes.
• New! Version avast! 7 was the first party antivirus software developer, get certified Windows 8. And in avast! 8, we continue to support the latest platform Windows.
• Uluchsheno! Our award-winning scan engine protects against viruses, spyware, and other malicious agents. Now he has a new algorithm based on artificial intelligence, which can handle data of new viruses within milliseconds.
• Uluchshena! All virus signatures are sent to you in real time via the “cloud” virus laboratory AVAST, so you no longer have to wait for traditional database updates. Your database is constantly updated with the latest definitions.
• Uluchshena! Now, thanks to more than a billion files in our cloud, avast! FileRep lets you know about the reliability of the file before you open it. It is determined by considering the number of people who have a same image and the extent of its novelty. This technology is also used in internal processes, helping module scan to make better decisions.
• Improved! Our behavior is determined by the screen – with increased accuracy – which of running processes exhibit unusual behavior.
• Improved! Sandbox Avast! Sandbox jbespechivaet extra layer of protection for your PC and its applications in a virtual environment, which will be targeted attack (instead of the real PC)

• Integrated protection of a file server. Powerful scan, excellent scalability and support for clustering (even in the “active-active”); perfect integration with MS SharePoint through its own API Microsoft for viruses.
• The plug-in server sharepoint. Tight integration with SharePoint 2003/2007/2010/2013 servers through its own antivirus interfaces Microsoft.
• Low consumption of resources. Do not overload the system resources.

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Website  www.avast.com
RAR Password  daffasoft.com
Download  Workstations : Link 1 , Link 2

Server : Part 1 , Part 2

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