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Software Name  Corel PDF Fusion
Size  159.51 MB
Version  1.14 Build 15.09.2014
Screenshot   Corel PDF Fusion 1.14  [1]Corel PDF Fusion 1.14  [2]
Description Corel PDF Fusion is an easy to learn and use tool that allows you to use files in 100 different formats to create documents PDF, DOC and XPS. Due to its ubiquity, accessibility and compatibility with a wide range of platforms to PDF format has long been selected set of major companies and organizations as the primary standard for the storage, archiving and document exchange. With this tool, users can import data received from various sources without installing the original software, which create these files.

Special mention deserves a unique visual approach to the design documents, the proposed program Corel PDF Fusion1.14 Build 15.09.2014, as well as exceptional ease of use and high performance of the new product. Because the program to view PDF files are now available on virtually any computer or mobile device, PDF documents have become one of the most common methods of storage, archiving and document exchange among companies and organizations. The PDF format ensures that documents remain consistent look and original formatting when printing or viewing online, regardless of the platform user.

Corel PDF Fusion Full Verion makes it easy to view, edit, merge and create PDF documents from the original files of more than 100 different file formats, allowing users to open and share files in formats which are rarely encountered in their daily work.

Corel PDF Fusion Profesional uses a unique approach to creating the rendered documents, making the program easier and quicker to use than other similar software. It is ideal to users in different organizations, including small businesses, corporations, research institutions, government agencies and the judiciary – wherever necessary to ensure work with multiple files of various formats without unduly increasing the cost of the software. Using a single software product, the user can import the files received from various sources, even without having the original program, in which the files were created.

Program features:
• Support for more than 100 file formats, including DOC, WPD, JPG, TIFF, GDF, XPS, CAD, DOCX and PPTX;
• Simple kontekstozavisimy interface with support for drag and drop allows easy viewing, editing and creation of documents;
• High level of security and encryption information that will effectively restrict users to open and change documents;
• Save documents in the formats PDF, DOC or XPS without changing the original text formatting, page layout and graphics;
• Intuitive tools to support collaborative editing and allows the user to embed hyperlinks in a document, add bookmarks, notes, and make corrections to carry out the final editing, preserving the original style and layout of the document;
• Create a slideshow from any document for quick and easy viewing of information.

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