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Software Name  CorelCAD 
Size 243.57 MB
Version  2015 build
Screenshot  CorelCAD 2015 build [1] CorelCAD 2015 build [2]
Description CorelCAD 2015 – a high-performance computer-aided design with support for DWG. Ability to open, edit, and save files in DWG format makes it easy to work together. A complete set of industry-standard tools and functions you can immediately get to work. Customizable two-dimensional and three-dimensional design help to accurately translate ideas into drawings and models. VoiceNotes and other innovative features allow you to add to the drawings, messages and instructions, and compatibility with CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER expands opportunities for collaboration.

Major new features CorelCAD 2015:
• Built-in file format .DWG. The ability to open, edit, and distribute files in .DWG format simplifies working with colleagues and suppliers. CorelCAD offers native support for formats .DWG, .DXF and .DWF up to version AutoCAD® R2014.
• Ribbon interface Windows. For maximum efficiency, you can quickly switch between workspaces familiar tape * and classic workspace CAD. You can migrate from other CAD applications directly to the elements of the ribbon interface * CorelCAD.
• Resources design. New universal “Design Resources” you can instantly find the design components such as blocks, styles, designs and images, as well as manage them for use in a variety of CAD projects.
• Tools layers. Operate with the “preview layer” and “Layer Opacity” to align the elements of the project, including the components of the file format drawings AutoCAD R2014 DWG.
• Checking the CAD standards. CorelCAD ™ 2014 allows you to check CAD drawings drawings with the standards contained in the files DWS. The verification process to detect and correct any violation of the standards adopted by the industry, and thus ensure compatibility drawings.
• Fast grouping. Labels CAD drawings are readily available and easy to use thanks to a team grouping and ungrouping that run just two mouse clicks.
• High performance in Windows, as well as on the Mac. CorelCAD offers 32- and 64-bit versions of applications for Windows, as well as new 64-bit version for the Mac OS. Now you can work quickly and efficiently on a desktop computer and a laptop, using a convenient platform for themselves.
• Quick search application settings and drawings. Search by keyword allows you to quickly find and, if necessary, change various settings. To do this, simply enter the name of the instrument, or other settings you are interested in the subject.

Full CAD
• Built-in support for file formats DWG. The ability to open, edit and save files in the format
• DWG enables easy collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners. DWG format is the standard format. CorelCAD also supports file formats DXF and DWF up to version AutoCAD 2013.
• All necessary functions of CAD. A complete set of familiar tools and functions increases productivity. CorelCAD application is compatible with all major CAD programs, so experts will be convenient to use pseudonyms familiar commands, command bar, menu items and toolbar items.
• An effective user interface. To optimize the performance, you can use the dockable toolbar caused by right-clicking the context menu and the Properties palette.
• Support of legacy file formats. Conservation projects in legacy formats, starting with the formats DWG and DXF version R12, allows you to work with them on legacy hardware and software of older versions, as well as repair damaged file formats DWG and DXF for all versions.

Tools of precision dimensional design
• Binding objects. Intelligent tools CorelCAD, such as binding sites, the guide object snap and polar guides can accelerate your workflow.
• Handles objects. To quickly change the situation, change the size, alignment, and copy objects using the handle objects, which helps save time.
• Configuration Window “Properties” option and “Copy property.” Palette “Properties” allows you to control the attributes of objects, such as layer, color, line style, and others, as well as copy properties from other objects.
• Customizable coordinates. Create custom coordinate systems to align the construction plane with the objects of design
• Tools Smart Dimension. In CorelCAD can specify the exact dimensions as inclined, horizontal, vertical, radial, and angular diametrical dimension lines. Smart Dimension tool automatically selects the most appropriate type sizes for lines, segments, polylines, arcs, circles and rings.

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