Directory Opus Pro 11.17 Build 5829 Full + Crack

Software Name Directory Opus Pro
Size  86.62 MB
Version  11.17 Build 5829
Screenshot Directory Opus Pro 11.17 Build 5829 [1] Directory Opus Pro 11.17 Build 5829 [2]
Description Directory Opus 11 – a file manager with a diverse array of possibilities. The program is designed to replace the conductor Windows, thus making work with the files easier and provide many new opportunities. The program provides convenient functions for managing files, supports archives, access to FTP, work with graphic images and music files. The program has lots of different options and additional functions.

Directory Opus Pro 11.17 Directory Opus important difference from other file managers considered the interface, which by default looks like your standard Windows, which for most people will be familiar and comfortable. Regarding the interface, it is worth noting the complete customization menu, sockets and hot keys.

• Package Directory Opus initially focused on a comfortable work with a large number of files in different folders. When you install it completely replaces the built-in Windows Explorer, allowing you to quickly open the windows Opus double-clicking on the desktop or via the context menu. Each window Opus may contain one or a plurality of display panels with the same representation in different folders or different folders in the system.
• The user interface, spent many years of development, it is a trump card package Opus, offering maximum flexibility. You can add links to folders, drives, and other places where they can be stored folder. Package Opus also significantly easier to create, view, and decompression of archives. It also supports full-time job with FTP-servers, including copying files from one site to another.
• According to the developers, who once mastered Directory Opus, will never return to the standard Explorer Windows, the more so that the product is constantly improved based on user feedback and contemporary trends. Version 10.1 offers users Directory Opus many new features, including an updated map file operations, improved work with archives in various formats (including 7Zip), as well as new features to search and filter the list of files using the built-in search engine Windows.
• The program has a built-in FTP-client, which is simple and easy to use. With it, you can easily communicate with the remote servers. There Directory Opus and tools for backing up files. The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and can be loaded with the operating system. As a result, it gets quite powerful and sophisticated file manager, which is much nicer to work with than with the standard Windows.
• When copying files is now supported by all copied to different operations running simultaneously without interfering with each other. Nova tab to display the metadata provides easy viewing and editing of all additional properties files. Support for “library” in Windows 7 now allows you to open access to libraries for users of previous versions of Windows – XP and Vista. In addition, we implemented a number of new products in the folder navigation.

• Makes navigation and file management more convenient and efficient
• A tab allows you to keep open several folders at once and quickly switch between them
• Integrated Viewer allows you to view many file formats
• View and edit file metadata (EXIF, MP3, PDF, etc.)
• Advanced search, sorting, grouping and filtering has never been easier
• Color highlighting of files and folders makes it easier to visually search
• Batch rename of files includes an option for a given scenario completely rename using metadata
• Support for standard Zip, 7 zip, RAR and many other archive formats
• Print or export the list of folders, copying files to clipboard
• Quickly and easily calculate folder sizes and checksums
• Support for CD / DVD burning
• Fully customizable interface (menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts)
• Synchronize files and duplicate search
• View multimedia, conversion of graphic files
• Built-in slideshow
• Built-in FTP-client, support for SSL and SSH / SFTP
• Built-in SMTP-client (sending files via e-mail)
• Command language for automating operations
• An efficient modern design
• and much more…

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