ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.01.632 Full + Serial

Software Name  ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery
Size  30.23 MB
Version  6.01.632
Screenshot  ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery [1] ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery
Description Advanced Office Password Recovery – allows you to recover passwords or bypass the password protection of files and documents created in Microsoft Office family of products for all versions. Currently supported versions from 2.0 to 2013 inclusive. The program supports documents created by Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and OneNote. In addition to the above, the program allows you to gain access to the source code VBA macros, password protected.

Opportunities Advanced Office Password Recovery:
• Supports all versions of Microsoft Office from 2.0 to 2013
• Instant recovery of individual passwords
• Change the password for the user specified
• Immediate removal of protection from documents that have ever been chosen passwords
• Use of all vulnerabilities Microsoft Office family of products for the restoration of access to documents
• Pre-attack with a set of typical parameters for the restoration of strong passwords
• Support of dictionary attack and brute force passwords using mask patterns
• Hardware acceleration (patent pending) reduces the brute force 50 times
• Hardware acceleration technology with NVIDIA or ATI graphics cards
• Supports up to 32 simultaneous CPUs or cores and up to 8 GPUs
• Code optimization for modern processors maximizes in-class products speed of brute force

Program features:
• Instant recovery of access to protected documents. In many cases, Advanced Office Password Recovery allows you to recover access to protected documents in the same second. For example, older versions of Microsoft Office uses a very simple encryption system, which allows us to calculate your password. Also, in some versions of Office used algorithms with limited key length
• Acceleration. Microsoft has greatly enhanced password protection in Office 2007, and further improve it in Office 2010. You can safely say that the password recovery program using only the CPU can no longer cope with their tasks in the file created in the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite . At the sorting of passwords in these files take too long.
• Pre-attack. If the document is protected by a strong password, decryption can take a long time. For your convenience, the program provides pre-attack, which automatically scans all the typical passwords and uses a dictionary attack. Also searched among the passwords that were ever recovered for other documents.
• Mask attack. If there is additional information about the password (known password length in characters, or any part of the password, or have any information about the use or absence of certain characters in a password and numbers) recovery rate can be substantially increased by sorting on the given mask.
• Dictionary attack. According to statistics, a substantial part of the password used to protect office documents, contains one or more words from the dictionary. The method of selecting passwords dictionary allows dozens of times to reduce the time required to recover your password. Advanced Office Password Recovery supports dictionary attack, fingering passwords consisting of words and their combinations in different registers and in several languages. Supports the ability to connect additional dictionaries.
• Direct search. In the case of a complete lack of information about the password is carried out through all the possible options for a certain length password to regain access to the document. In Advanced Office Password Recovery uses the latest methods of low-level code optimizations for modern processors, allowing to achieve high performance sorting compared with competing products.

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