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Software Name  Guitar Pro
Size  622.45 MB
Screenshot  Guitar Pro [1] Guitar Pro [2]
Description Guitar Pro – the most popular tablature editor of French developers! Customizable display mode with music and tablature scaling opportunities for printing and export of a wider range of methods of articulation and guitar techniques to more accurately simulated, the musical notation for best editing, and more. But the most important thing! – A completely new sound, provides its own technology RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), and embedded software effects processors. With a fixed set of sound banks RSE, inexperienced listener can not distinguish the sound of Guitar Pro 6 live instruments! At the moment, RSE includes banks for the seven varieties of guitars, bass and drums – there is support for a variety of effects including Wah-wah.

Program features:
• Recording of music for guitar, bass, banjo, as well as for many other instruments and ensembles in the form of tablature or sheet music charts (when dialing tablature tablature created corresponding line with musical notation and vice versa);
• Creating a party for winds, strings, keyboard musical instruments;
• Creation of parties to the drum set and percussion;
• Add lyrics and link it to the notes of the tracks with vocals;
• Built-builder and the determinant of guitar chords;
• Export set up scores in MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, WAV, PNG, PDF, GP5 (in Guitar Pro 6), printing;
• Import of MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, Power Tab (.ptb), TablEdit (.tef)
• A virtual guitar fretboard, keyboard, piano and percussion instruments panel, which displays the notes are played at the moment. With their help, you can also create and edit Party of the instrument;
• Built-in metronome, guitar tuner, a tool to transpose the tracks;
• A large number of tools for display in the notes specific to the guitar playing techniques and choice of options for scoring;
• Starting with version 5, the program appeared Technology RSE (Realistic Sound Engine), allowing to bring the guitar to the real, and apply various effects (guitar “gadgets”, the effect of «wah-wah», and so on. D.) In real time.
• Supported file formats of previous versions of the program – gtp, gp3, gp4, and gp5 (for versions 5.x and 6.0).

New in Guitar Pro version 6:
• Ability to run on platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS (thanks to the fact that Guitar Pro 6 is completely rewritten to use Qt)
• Significantly redesigned interface in the direction of improving usability: a system of tabs open documents in the program;
sidebar, containing tabs with different tools for editing music format, select the tool and system, effects (imitation of guitar pedals, amplifiers, equalizers, compressors), and so on. d.
• High-quality voice scores. The sound in the RSE Guitar Pro 6 is very close to the real sound of the instrument.
• Ability to record the rhythm guitar “slash”;
• Ability to record a full chetyrehgolosiya;
• Support for recording wind, string and keyboard instruments;
• Greatly improved musical schedule, you can manually change the width of cycle, moving the bar line, on the whole, close to the academic tradition of musical notation
• The broken clock feature

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