HeliconSoft Helicon Filter + loader

Software Name  HeliconSoft Helicon Filter
Size  148.56 MB
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Description HeliconSoft Helicon Filter – it is very comfortable, with great functionality editing c flexible-use interface, optimized for quick preview, context-sensitive help on the bottom which ensure easy handling of photos for non-experienced users. Helicon Filter is built step by step, as a sequence of actions, will guide you through all the tiny stage of processing photos. This application so the same has many advanced features of photo processing, which will attract the attention of professional photographers.

Some of the most interesting and unique features:
• Unique mechanism selection of objects (selection brush)
• Sensor dust filter
• Compensation haze
• Regulation of the spectral sensitivity of the used filters
• The filter chromatic aberration
• vignetting
• Unique noise reduction tools, brightness, color, retouch

File Management:
• Automatically create a copy of the file when you open it for further processing (non-destructive editing). Original picture remains unchanged
• Support for all popular file types including all RAW
• Fast browser
• Rotation operations, copy, delete, move, rename,
• Full EXIF ??and IPTC information
• Support of color profiles

Noise reduction:
• Automatic detection of the noise level
• Selective noise reduction in highlights and shadows, in defined hue, in color range
• Filter broken pixels or dust on the sensor of the camera
• Noise Map

• S-curve brightness or luminance equalizer (the ability to adjust the brightness in a narrow range)
• Gradient haze compensation
• Brightness in Highlights, Shadows
• Contrast, Gamma, Exposure
• Local Contrast
• Levels (black point, white point)
• Adjust the size of the filter application areas
• Exposure warning indicating out of range in the highlights and shadows

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Website  www.heliconsoft.com
RAR Password DaffaSoft.Com
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