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Software Name  Hot Virtual Keyboard
Size  8.63 MB
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Description Hot Virtual Keyboard – a virtual keyboard that contains the full set of features for fast, ergonomic and accurate screen pechati.Zamenite standard Windows on-screen keyboard to a virtual keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard, and start typing like a pro in just a minute! Virtual Keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard provides a set of functions for fast, ergonomic and accurate screen printing. Hot Virtual Keyboard allows you to use a virtual on-screen keyboard when you can not use a normal keyboard.

At the same time due to the built-in advanced features help you to print text faster than on a conventional keyboard. And not only to print, and quickly perform repetitive actions: run programs, copy, cut, open web pages, run macros, connect to the Internet, and more.

Additional Information:
Use all the features of the touch screen of your mobile device (Tablet PC, UMPC, Panel PC, Car PC, Touchmonitor) or print using the mouse more effectively!
Virtual keyboard is fully customizable. You can not only choose its appearance, but also to determine the location of the keys, and add any additional buttons to call up a variety of actions – copying text to the clipboard, launch your browser and so on.
Hot Virtual Keyboard supports all languages ??and keyboard layouts available in Windows, so you can type on it even on different exotic languages. It’s enough that the language has been installed in the system.

Key features:
Support for multitouch technology in Windows 7 and Windows 8
Support of “strokes” to quickly enter capital letters and spaces
Programmable hot keys to quickly perform routine operations
Customizable keys to launch applications, open websites or run a macro keystrokes
Automatic clue words for fast and accurate printing
Fully customizable look and feel
Special functions for kiosks and payment terminals
Simultaneous support for all languages ??and keyboard layouts available in the system

Program Features:
• Gestures
Screen Keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard allows you to use strokes feature to quickly insert spaces or symbols register shifts.
• Programmable keys
Simply pressing the button starts the application, opens a web page or reproduce a previously recorded sequence of keystrokes.
• word autocomplete
Hot Virtual Keyboard program will help you to work with text faster and more accurately. After printing one or two characters, a list of words that are most frequently used by you. Members TabletPC, Ultra-mobile PC, PanelPC, CarPC and other such devices find this feature very important.
• Fully customizable
The supply of Hot Virtual Keyboard is more than 60 different types of on-screen keyboards. We did not find a keyboard that suits you? Change any of the existing keyboard, or create your own with the built-in editor. Adjust the color, font, sound and other settings to your liking.
• International support
Hot Virtual Keyboard supports all languages ??and keyboard layouts installed in Windows. The program is ready for use on any device running Windows worldwide.
• And much more.

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