IMindMap Ultimate 7 7.0 Full Version

Software Name  MindMap Ultimate
Size  290.38 MB
Version  7 7.0
Screenshot  IMindMap Ultimate 7 7.0 [1] IMindMap Ultimate 7 7.0 [2]
Description iMindMap – is a creative and easy to use software tool that can help you plan, create, think , to solve problems, learn, apply the “brainstorming” to present and organize. It is the only product officially representing Tony , developer of mind maps, which effectively doubles its world-renowned Mind-mapping process is used today by millions of people on our planet.

With the development of creative skills, you not only improve your ability to come up with innovative ideas, but you also, by default, improve your ability to remember. This is due to the fact that creativity and memory are vertically identical mental processes – they both work best when you employ imaginative perception and associative thinking.

IMindMap Ultimate 7 7.0 – The brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere processes the different mental skills, for example, the left is responsible for the development of verbal, mathematical and analytical skills, while the right is associated with painting, music, spatial and imaginative perception. These hemispheres are completely separate systems and are rarely used at the same time. However, Mind-mapping involves a number of aspects of both hemispheres of the brain. When they are used simultaneously, each side of the brain simultaneously reinforce each, providing unlimited creativity and enhancing the ability to more meaningful associations that lead to mastery of a serious intellectual skills

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