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Software Name  IObit Smart Defrag Pro
Size  14.86 MB
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Description IObit SmartDefrag – a program to defragment your hard drive. It works in the principle of “set and forget.” After installing the tool goes into automatic mode and transparent to the user and system performance defragments files during regular PC. Thus, a high performance file system as the files are not broken into fragments. This program not only defragments files, but also orders their location relative to each other for faster reading.

The main advantage of the utility is that unlike other automated defragmenters, Smart Defrag does not perform continuous analysis and defragmentation, thus damaging your drive and reducing the duration of its operation. Smart Defrag intelligent safety technology ensures the safety and drive performance, deciding when and how to start defragmentation.

For faster reading defragment utility not only files but also regulates their placement relative to each other. SmartDefrag places most commonly used files on the fastest section of the disc, optimizing, thus, drive to work, providing the speed and stability.

Main advantages:
• Extreme ease of use
• This powerful defragmenter works continuously, automatically and quietly in the background on your PC
• Its intuitive interface makes Smart Defrag the ideal utility for the user’s computer
• Extremely efficient defragmentation
• Smart Defrag has the fastest defragmentation principle
• It was specifically designed for today’s large hard drives, so it eliminates long waiting time
• Disk optimization
• Smart Defrag does not just use simple defragmentation. It also optimizes your file system, frequently used files and directories to move to the starting area of ??the disk that allows your computer to operate stably at maximum speed
• Has the automatic operation
• Smart Defrag works automatically in the background, so it keeps your computer free of fragmentation
• Data security and reliability guaranteed
• Smart Defrag uses the commercial standard levels for moving data, and without prejudice to any file on your disk
• In addition, unlike other “automated” defragmntatorov, Smart Defrag NOT constantly perform analysis and defragment, which cause damage to your hard drive and shorten its life
• Smart Defrag uses technology “Safe Intelligence”, which provide health of your disk by deciding when and how to begin defragmentation

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