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Software Name JP Software Take Command
Size  35.85 MB
Version  21.00.37
Description JP Software Take Command + keymaker is a very powerful command line extension tool that gives you a new approach to working with the command line, providing the convenience of the Windows interface and many command-line options. The program supports existing commands CMD.EXE and batch files, and adds thousands of new features, giving you more options and flexibility.

Take Command – a combination of the improved command processor 4NT (Take Commad) + TCC (GUI-shell) + V (text file viewer) + development environment, execution and debugging scripts + a number of utility utilities such as ftp, tar, zip / unzip, Completely replacing the command processor. Those. This is not a black screen console with white letters in the style of DOS, but a normal MDI program, with a number of tabs up to 25, which has a main window with menus, etc. in which you can enter commands and built-in file navigator. It has an interesting feature in the work – switching the fonts of the conventional console affects them, and vice versa. Consider this fact. But full-fledged terminal replacements like MS DOS console is not, it’s more like a UNIX console similar in properties to KDE Konsole. Those. A multi-window application with a graphical interface in which separate sessions of the terminal operate, displaying their output in the UNIX console.

Additional Information:
4NT is an alternative command processor for NT systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Se7en no longer exists, replaced by TCC / LE). It can be used instead of cmd.exe to execute command files (regular .cmd and .bat and own .btm). Can be used as an addition to cmd.exe. In addition, as a 4NT command processor extension, the REXX scripting language can be used (both full scripts and separate expressions can be executed). Also, except for REXX, it can execute expressions in PERL and RUBY. Naturally, all these languages ??should be established.

Features of the program:
• Take Command adds functions such as extensive context-sensitive online help, aliases for frequently used commands, a powerful command line editor, a history of executing commands, an advanced directory search that can take you to any folder of the system by entering only part of its name.
• Take Command extends the Windows command processing file, allowing you to copy, move, delete multiple files with one command, and add support for FTP and HTTP (including SSL).
• You can add or exclude files from any command, their dates, creation time and changes, size and extended mask for even more flexibility.
• Using batch files, you’ll be amazed at the power and speed of the functionality that Take Command adds with a lot of new commands, a powerful debugger, syntax highlighting, variable pop-ups and editing.
• The unique features of Take Command include the ability to create an additional working Windows table directly from the command line or from a script. And the useful RESOLUTION command helps to set the resolution of the display, its refresh rate and, of course, the color depth.
• In Take Command, according to developers, many interesting tools have been integrated, including an improved mechanism for networking and a powerful text editor based on the popular Scintilla technology. The Take Command package guarantees the effective use of a wide variety of commands.

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