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Software Name  Kerish Doctor 2015
Size  35.96 MB
Version  4.60 DC 31.12.2014
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Description Kerish Doctor is a comprehensive solution for the care of your computer, which contains the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time, while also securely fixes registry errors. Application regularly produces the most perfect and safe cleaning system from accumulating digital “trash”, as well as optimally improves performance of its work.

Program features:
• Preventing failures. Unique “Real-time Failure Detection” to prevent crashes and system errors in real time. Dropouts Desktop language bar, disabling essential services and critical errors in the system settings will be controlled by the application.
• Personal Advisor. Master recommendations will analyze your system and make recommendations to improve the operation of the computer that you can apply in one click. Status and configuration of the system can be changed, which may lead to new recommendations.
• Intelligent cleaning. The most advanced method of cleaning your computer from a digital “trash” takes into account the date changes for each file. This avoids accidental deletion is still sought after system temporary files. This method ensures reliable and safe cleaning.
• In step with the times. Update Wizard will check your application software installed on the availability of critical vulnerabilities, patches, new versions and will update them. The latest versions of potentially vulnerable applications, it is important from a safety standpoint.
• Solving Common Problems. Troubleshooting Wizard contains the most extensive database of problems and help solve common problems. You just choose from a list of the problems encountered, and program fixes them.
• Fast Internet. Master optimizing Internet connection analyzes and optimizes your Internet connection specifically for your equipment. This allows you to achieve the highest possible connection speed.
• Accelerate games. Function “Game Booster” helps to increase productivity gaming applications. When you activate the game mode to the game is set to high priority work gaming applications. This allows you to unlock the full potential of your computer while you play.
• Full control. Function “Kerish Deblocker” allows you to unlock the computer when the user is not possible to do it yourself. For example, if the computer is locked SMS-blockers or no opportunity to close the hung application.
• There is no limit to perfection. Function “Smart Update” regularly update the kernel and database heuristics application for access to the Internet. This flexibility and scalability make Kerish Doctor one of the most promising products in its class. Application performance grows regularly, regardless of its version.

What’s new Kerish Doctor:
• Added “Data Recovery”.
• Added a tool to restore accidentally deleted files and documents on your computer, USB-drive (flash drive) or camera’s memory card.
• Users simply select the disk to scan, noting the need to restore files and Kerish Doctor 2014 restore them.
• Supports all drives and media with the file system NTFS.
• In the future we plan to add support for file system FAT32, which is still quite common on USB-drives, and add integrity evaluation for each file.
• Added utility “Banned files”.
• Utility “Banned files” allows you to view files employed by various programs and unlock them.
• Often it is necessary to remove a particular file that is blocked program or the operating system.
• Also Kerish Doctor 2014 adds the corresponding item in the context menu of files Explorer Windows.
• Added utility “System Information”.
• Utility “System Information” and evaluates the performance of displays detailed information about the system.
• The program also gives recommendations for the current system configuration.
• The resulting report can be saved as a web page or a text file.
• Added utility “Context Menu”.
• Utility “Context Menu” is designed for viewing and editing context menu Windows, which is caused by right-clicking on various objects.
• This tool is versatile and allows both to remove the excess, and create your own context menu for different file types.
• Use this tool is only recommended for advanced users, as it operates in including the essential elements of the menu Windows.
• Added utility “Running Processes”.
• Utility “Running Processes” is intended to review the processes running Windows.
• For each running application displays its reputation which Kerish Doctor 2014 is based on his behavior, and receives from the “cloud” that is, from a database that resides on the server developer.
• The user can finish, and to ban the work of a particular application.
• Added utility “Network Activity”.
• Utility “Network Activity” is designed to show network activity of running applications.
• For each connection displayed its current state, as well as local and remote address.
• The user can finish, and to ban the work of a network application.
• Improved error correction.

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