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Software Name  Loaris Trojan Remover 
Size  50.74 MB
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Description Loaris Trojan Remover – versatile tool that will help the user to get rid of all kinds of threats encountered when using the Internet. The program will help prevent re-invasion of the Trojans, hackers or spyware, as well as any other unwanted software. The utility is based on the verification of all system files, including the registry of the operating system and applications that are activated when you start Windows.

The functionality of the tool:
• The program allows to prevent all known threats coming from the Internet. Moreover, it refers to a wide variety of trojans, spyware and other unwanted software. All actions antispyware aimed at blocking and removal of threats to reduce to perform the following tasks:
• The program finds and eliminates the current threats that have penetrated to the PC. Malware scans the hard disk of your computer, detects all system vulnerabilities hidden programs that have penetrated deeply into the operating system, and other threats. Next, the program carries out the procedure for the treatment or removal of malware.
• Prevents infected computers. The program analyzes all the emerging threats, blocks banner ads and other aggressive advertising and potentially dangerous sites. Elements of proactive protection implemented by developers, prevents infection of the operating system even before the threat reached the user’s computer.
• ensure the confidentiality of the work on the Internet. This protection tool, allows you to isolate the computer from the most powerful and intrusive attacks. Implement a mechanism to make the user’s computer invisible on the Internet, and thus protect it from hackers.
• Removes files that can not be cleaned in a standard way. Often, viral infections afflicting the file can not be deleted. Such a file or application can not be removed and therefore the virus, which is deeply penetrated into its core. Loaris Trojan Remover program to easily remove files and viruses that it struck.

A special mode of operation:
• Program Loaris Trojan Remover is not a full Antivirus. Its main purpose – the removal of robot programs, including Trojans or spyware. And this is its undoubted advantage – it will find and neutralize the Trojans that were missed by standard antivirus software. Moreover, the program is compatible with other antivirus products, and can be an additional element of a powerful computer protection. It is Loaris Trojan Remover, more than any other program to reliably protect user data against theft and later use by fraudsters.
• To help the user developers have implemented and intuitive interface with minimal (only necessary) settings. For example, the user can configure to scan the selected areas. That is, to carry out a manual scan – on demand, while the rest of the program will scan automatically. Also, on-demand, the program may display a report on the results of the scan.
• The program, like any other anti-virus software is constantly updated. In the anti-virus utility library includes the latest Trojans, as well as effective tools for their removal

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