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Software Name  NeoBook Professional
Size  20.96 MB
Version  5.8.5
Screenshot   NeoBook Professional [1]NeoBook Professional [2]
Description NeoBook – a tool to create a professional quality electronic publications. This easy association of text, images, sound, music, animations, controls dialogue tools, coloring and other graphic elements to create your own unique stunning multimedia masterpiece. NeoBook can be used in the creation of electronic magazines (e-zines), which subsequently can be bydet distribute over the Internet, dial-educational and training materials, and much more.

Complete the creation of his masterpiece in NeoBook Pro, you have the possibility to compile the results of your work in a standalone 32-bit Windows-based application (EXE), Screen saver (SCR) or plug-in for Internet Explorer®. Your users will not need to install a program on your computer NeoBook, to run the application. The main thing – is to bring the application itself to the consumer. Electronic applications are often distributed via the Internet, posting on web-sites, or using mailing lists. Outside of the Internet to distribute their CD, DVD-ROM, floppy disks, flash drives or other electronic media available.

The program also find typos NeoBook’s ensures that your publication – without errors. And when you have finished your masterpiece, you can safely gather it into a full-fledged standalone application Windows (exe), screen saver (scr) or plug-ins Internet Explorer ™, which you can distribute without royalties! With NeoBook 5.8.5 can even create an installer program for your project.

NeoBook can be used to create different types of applications, such as:
• Electronic books (e-books)
• Interactive Tests
• Information envelope for CD-ROM drive
• screensavers (Screen Savers)
• Utilities for various purposes
• Demonstration program
• Training materials
• Multimedia projects
• Electronic brochures
• Catalogues
• Electronic Resume
• terminals
• Slideshow (Slide Shows)
• Games
• and much, much more!

• Simple drag and drop operation in the creation of complex applications.
• Import pictures and illustrations of your graphics editor.
• Import formatted text from your tekstogogo editor or use the built-in editor NeoBook’s.
• Create navigation and user interface controls, such as buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, text entry fields (with spell checking), combo boxes, media players, follow the tracks and timers.
• Play Animated GIF-images and screensavers.
• Display-interactive website content in your application *
• Create and send email messages from your application.
• Built-in text editor to create formatted text with tables, bookmarks and hypertext commands.
• Create advanced applications using the integrated scripting language. Enables checking of conditional variables, scroll, input – output file, string handling, etc. Script commands can be entered manually for advanced users and choose from the list and add in interactive mode, filling out a simple questionnaire to conduct script.
• Perform calculations and tabulating machine for training exercises.
• Transition effects between screens, wash away, decay, weaves, etc.
• Create an application with windows of arbitrary shape.
• Creating your own animation using the built-in utility NeoToon ™.
• Running DOS or Windows programs, including compiled applications NeoBook.
• Call your favorite text editor, animation editor and / or draw directly in NeoBook, word edit text, images, audio clips and animations with simple and easy access to them.
• Support for NeoBook’s functionality using plugins.
• Test project, debug and spell check without leaving the working environment NeoBook.
• Use compiler NeoBook’s, to assemble your projects into 32-bit applications Windows (exe), screen savers Windows (scr), Windows applications or web-browser control Plug-In / ActiveX (ocx). Compiled applications may be distributed or sold – without paying for a license!
• Create a professional Setup / Installation for applications with maximum compression and the possibilities multidiskov.
• Import files of Windows and DOS, created in previous versions of NeoBook.
• New Plugin NeoBookDBPro allows read and write database files directly from the publications NeoBook.
• And more ….

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