Nero WaveEditor 12.0.12000 Final 2014

Software Name  Nero WaveEditor
Size  59.90 MB
Version  12.0.12000
Screenshot Nero WaveEditor 12.0.12000 [1]Nero WaveEditor 12.0.12000 [2]
Description Nero WaveEditor – will allow any user to write a piece of music, edit sound files by using various filters and sound enhancement methods, and then burn them to a disc using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express. Using Nero WaveEditor, you can edit audio files in real time, without distortion. Thanks to an internal reference audio format preserves the history of editing that allows you to return to the previous state. Various effects (eg chorus, delay, flange, reverb), numerous tools (eg stereo engines, EQ, noise input) …

Nero WaveEditor 12.0.12000 – Sophisticated algorithms improvements (extrapolation band noise suppression noise, declicker), as well as various filters and tools in Nero WaveEditor assist in editing your files.

Key features:
Nero Wave Editor allows you to access with audio data as text copy, cut, paste, delete, etc. For example, simply select the desired area of the graph to copy it and move to another part of the composition.
Because Nero Wave Editor has a great set of tools, most of them do not have their own toolbar buttons and accessed via the main menu.
Level menu provides access to the basic tools change the sound volume. You can make it rising or falling, as well as to adjust the overall volume. An important function in this menu is a function of the normalized … It allows us to reduce the volume of the current record according to standard and is used to record when you play them one after the other had no significant differences in volume.
Effects menu allows you to change the sound in different ways – to add an echo effect to impose performance choir, etc.
Tools menu – one of the most interesting in the program. With it, you can change the parameters of the stereo sound composition or part of it, to apply it to EQ, limiting, or vice versa, reinforcing the number of sounds of a certain frequency.
The transpose feature allows you to change the frequency of the sound, for example, to make a man’s voice like a female or child. With this menu you can change the duration of the composition or in its entirety. Karaoke function on this menu would like to discuss in more detail, as it is one of the most popular.

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