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Description OnOne Perfect Photo Suite – a set of applications from OnOne Software, submitted in one package. Includes standalone programs and plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop. It is designed for professional and advanced photographers and photo enthusiasts who will provide intuitive tools for applying photographic effects, portrait retouching, creating and editing multi-layered images, replace unwanted backgrounds, image resizing, color depth, sharpness, adding effects boundaries. Perfect Photo Suite as well as earlier works as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, and now as a completely stand-alone application. The new version allows you to solve basic problems in digital photography, offering photographers to fully realize their creative abilities.

Perfect Photo Suite 9 includes full versions of the following software products OnOne:
• Perfect Effects receiver popular PhotoTools – includes a complete library of professional photographic effects with a vast range, designed by Jack Davis and Kevin Kubota have universal application. Allows processing in batch mode, regardless of the format and the image size, add watermark, apply multiple effects simultaneously, and many others The treatment can be performed in automatic and manual modes can be previewed.
• Perfect Portrait brand new product that offers the latest innovations in portrait retouching. Photographers can now focus on the art of creating portraits with less time-consuming because the program automatically finds features in the images and makes retouching, improves skin texture and color, removing blemishes and enhancing features such as eyes, lips, teeth and even the smell;) …
• Perfect Layers provide unlimited creative possibilities to photographers in the union of the photos and allows you to create and edit multi-layered files directly into Lightroom or a standalone application. Perfect Layers files are saved in PSD format and can be edited in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
• Perfect Mask is the next generation of Mask Pro, the leading software for background replacement separation from the main image. The designer provides a set of 12 intuitive and convenient tool for masking objects. The technology used allows you to create unique contours (masks), consisting of a huge number of control points and thus keep colors as accurate and clean the edges of various objects, from largest to smallest, and fine details such as hair, smoke, glass …
• Perfect Resize is the next generation of Genuine Fractals, is the industry standard for image resizing. He is known throughout the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size over 1000% or more with virtually no loss of quality, which are observed in the standard methods of scaling.
• Use fractal method for increasing. Each part of the picture is stretched because of its local geometrical characteristics. This avoids the common artifacts of interpolation: vertical and horizontal lines between the contrasting areas are not eroded; along the sloping teeth are not formed, and around sharp corners – halos; contrasting textures do not lose their sharpness, but does not turn into a lattice of enlarged pixels.
• PhotoFrame – makes it easy to impose a framework on the pictures. PhotoFrame Pro allows you to create virtually any frame: volume, with luminosity, using textures, cast shadows, and others. The professional version of PhotoFrame is different from the standard by a large number of additional frames, textures and effects, and advanced settings. The plugin is convenient because it applies the final result in a new layer Adobe Photoshop and also allows you to manage the layers inside your interface before applying the result.
• FocalPoint – lets you highlight key objects in the image by blurring their secondary areas and can be used to create engaging vignettes – framing, adding additional depth images, defocus effects, bokeh, simulate the effect of blurring the motion, brighten or darken areas of the image does not come into focus, and solutions other. FocalPoint simulates the use of special lenses, filters and nozzles and is a popular photo artists of professionals who specialize in photographing weddings and other celebrations, as well as among fans of portrait photography.
• Blur Algorithm – blur algorithm, FocusBrush – to adjust the transparency, saturated colors in any part of your photo, Lens Presets – Presets lenses mimic popular lenses, Multiple FocusBugs – to determine the number of storage areas of focus.

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