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Software Name  Ontrack EasyRecovery
Size  59.62 MB
Description Ontrack EasyRecovery – allows you to recover data in the most common cases, for example, after removing them from the Recycle Bin, or lost due to incorrect disk formatting or virus attack. In case of data loss due to the inability to boot the system, the program allows you to create a floppy disk, boot from which, you can restore the data by transferring them to another disk.

Recovers files from FAT and NTFS partitions, from IDE / ATA / EIDE hard drives, SCSI, floppy disks, Zip and Jaz disks. In addition, it is able to restore Zip archives as well as documents created in Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The built-in hard disk diagnostics utility Ontrack Data Advisor provides powerful tools for users to quickly assess the status of local drives.

Advantages of Ontrack EasyRecovery:
The software recovers data from local / external hard drives (HDD / SSD), digital and optical media, iPod’ów and mobile phones working in USB storage mode. The program recovers data from images of data carriers. With Ontrack EasyRecovery, you can restore important files, documents, databases, photos, music and video files.
Ontrack EasyRecovery has the ability to scan all data volumes on the local computer, as well as create a tree of lost files and directories. Users can search for deleted or lost files by their names. The mechanism of fast data scanning allows you to create a list of files that can be restored, managed by the file manager.
It is possible to view most of the recovered files. Ontrack EasyRecovery does not save recovered data on scanned media, so all data recovery operations are safe. Recovered files can be stored on any storage medium, including network drives and flash memory. Thanks to the program you can restore files of any size from any media of any capacity.

Supports systems: Microsoft® Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 7, all versions of Microsoft Windows Server software Ontrack® EasyRecovery ™ for Windows)
Provides network support for data recovery from remote systems (Ontrack® EasyRecovery ™ Enterprise version)
Recovers data from a RAID array (logical and hardware) including data recorded in the so-called Stripe Sets as well as media running in the Mirror system (Ontrack® EasyRecovery ™ Enterprise version)
Recovers data from disk image files (Encase E01, RAW, AFF and WinHex) (versions of Ontrack® EasyRecovery ™ Enterprise and Professional)
Offers an easy-to-use Data Recovery Wizard that guides you step-by-step through the entire data recovery process
Provides data protection from the recoverable media due to the standard write / read function from the operating system API
Recovers data from file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS 5
Recovers data from HFS / HFS + file systems, HFS +, HFSX, and HFS Wrapper
Recalls data from the Recycle Bin and Windows Explorer (concerns the version for Windows®)
Recovers data from the trash (Trash) or related applications (concerns the version for Mac)
Has no limitations regarding the size of the files and the capacity of the media
Recovers data after formatting
Recovers lost partitions
Allows you to restore data based on the signature of the file
Recovers data from all digital media, HDD / SSD disks, flash memory, USB and all other media types
Offers the ability to view files before restoring
Supports SATA / IDE / SCSI
It allows you to recover data from CD / DVD (ISO9660 / UDF in connection with ISO9660) and also optical media with the Linux file system (Ext2 / 3)

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