O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 11.0 Build 147 Full + Key

Software Name  O&O DiskImage Professional Edition
Size  97.63 MB
Version  11.0 Build 147
Description O & O DiskImage Professional is a very powerful program that can create full-fledged images of hard disks or external storage media with the sections contained on them. The images are absolutely identical to the original, and therefore they can really be used to restore the operating system, rollback to the previous state of the computer and other similar tasks.

In the process of creating a backup copy of O & O DiskImage compresses the saved files, which guarantees a significant saving of disk space. To provide additional data security, encryption mechanisms can be used, including 128-bit and 256-bit AES algorithms adopted as industry standards.

Traditional backup systems ensure the preservation of individual files and folders, but are unable to restore the operability of the Windows PC operating system in the event of a serious failure. The image of the hard disk created by means of the O & O DiskImage application containing all the information necessary for the correct operation of the OS will help to solve this problem. O & O DiskImage allows images to be written to CD or DVD media. With this feature, users can create multiple copies of data that can easily be transferred to another computer.

The images created with O & O DiskImage Workstation Edition can be of several types:
• The first is the “cast” of the sectors used by the user-specified partitions. Its main advantage over the full image lies in saving disk space and reducing the copy time. In this case, all the important information (not deleted at the time of the image creation) will be saved.
• The second option is an incremental image. The essence of it is to record only the changes that have occurred since the last archive. This approach is very good when you need to regularly create images. Thanks to it not only the volume of images is reduced and the time for their creation is saved, but the user can also access different versions of the same files, edited at different times.
• When selecting the third type of images, a complete “snapshot” of the entire hard disk or its separate sections at the sector level is created. This option is optimal for copying disks formatted in non-standard file systems. In addition, full copying allows you to restore previously deleted information not only using the original (which is not always convenient and appropriate), but also with the image taken from it. And, finally, the last available type of images is very similar to the previous one. However, it is created using a high-speed low-level interface. Thanks to this, you can create images of encrypted and hidden files.

Main features:
Emergency CD, which allows you to run the program without first installing it
Graph of creating a data image for automatically launching options
Incremental collection of images of any memory size
Support for dynamic disks, GPT-Hard disks and RAID Systems (depending on the operating system)
The ability to mount images as virtual disks
And many other possibilities.

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