Password Depot Professional 7.6.5 Full + Reg

Software Name  Password Depot Professional
Size  32.03 MB
Version  7.6.5
Screenshot  Password Depot Professional 7.6.5 [1] Password Depot Professional 7.6.5 [2]
Description Password Depot Professional – is an effective tool to manage all your passwords. You do not forget your password. The program protects your passwords from external access while being the most convenient to use. Features: create almost intractable decoding passwords, automated login, data encryption.

Key features:
• The best protection for your data security algorithm Rijndael 256!
• Your password list is protected twice: with the master password and with an internal key
• Protection from keylogging (intercepting of keystrokes) – All password fields are internally protected from keylogging
• Password Depot leaves no trace of your passwords in RAM. So even attempt a hacker to use your computer and try to browse the cryptic memory dumps for passwords – a theoretical option – would be defeated
• Clipboard protection – Password Depot automatically detects any active clipboard viewers and masks its changes to the keyboard;
• After performing auto-complete, all sensitive data is automatically cleared from the clipboard.
• The integrated password generator creates virtually uncrackable passwords: instead of passwords like “sweetheart” or “John”, which are easily cracked in a few minutes, you will receive a password such as “g /: 1bmV5T $ x_sb} 8T4 @ CN? A: y: Cwe -k) mUpHiJu: 0md7p @ “

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