Picture Cutout Guide 3.2.10 Full + Patch

Software Name  Picture Cutout Guide
Size  6.82 MB
Version  3.2.10
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Picture Cutout Guide – a very handy utility to separate objects from the background and conduct of photomontage. Separates solid objects from an arbitrary background, allows transferring objects to another photo. It allows you to apply effects to the background – fill with the selected color, shadow and blur with selection and density. The program includes animated demo samples: the program features; indication the object boundary; simple background erase; background effects; complex background erase; photomontage. The program includes the following tools: Wide Edge – separates the subject from the background with an approximate indication of the border, apply effects to the background, keeps objects for subsequent insertion; Insert object – Inserts image objects, pre-cut the other instruments.

To create avatars and photomontage often required to cut an object (person, animal, car, etc.) From one image and move to another. The difficulty is usually separation of the object from the background, often performed quite complex programs that require detailed study and special skills. Program Picture Cutout Guide will give you the opportunity to get creative to your photos and make a montage without special training.

In order to separate the subject from the background you need to specify the approximate boundary separated object. Tool size can be changed (mouse wheel or slider). This allows you to specify the border of large parts with a wide brush, and small parts – narrow. After pressing the “detach” button, the program allocates a precise line. If there are errors, you can manually narrow down the approximate boundary in the right place and repeat the separation. Then you can apply to the background effects, save the carved object, and then apply it to any other image. At the same object can be rotated, resized and proportions reflect the vertical and horizontal.

Some possibilities:
»» »Picture Cutout Guide allows you to add effects to the background.
“” “You can perform shading, blur, fill the background color or make it monochrome.
»» »Blur and shade will make emphasis on the main site, removes rough patches or unwanted noise, will give an interesting effect photos.
»» »The degree of shading and blur sliders change that allows you to quickly find the right values.
»» »Fill color and monochrome can be done with any color from the palette offered in the program.
“” “Also, you can swap the object and the background, in this case, all the effects you can apply to the main object.
»» »The functions of rotation and changing the cut size of the object can be used with imagination. For example, we have one fish “fill” a fish tank!

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