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Software Name  PrivaZer
Size  7.07 MB
Version  2.25.0
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Description PrivaZer is a free program that is designed to clean your PC from system debris accumulated. The app allows you to remove all traces of Internet activity, the remains of previously remote software unused shortcuts, cache sketches the history of autocomplete, clean registry, free up disk space and more. The user can choose to scan the device (hard drives, external storage media, USB-flash drives, iPod, MP3-players, memory cards, network drives) and indicate the type of cleaning.

Additional Information:
The developers of the company Goversoft PrivaZer developed for cleaning Windows-based computers from the accumulated junk files. The program has a deep scan module which performs analysis of all the drives connected to your computer. The list includes, as internal drives and external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, iPods iPod, MP3-players, and network drives. Support for such a large number of devices distinguishes this program from most products on the market.
The program also incorporates a special module to guarantee the removal of files and recover deleted files. PrivaZer executable file may be used both for installation, and as a mobile version. When you run, you are asked to select the type of scan from the drop-down list. The first scan is proposed to make in-depth mode (Scan in-depth). In addition to this mode are available for selection Scan (Scan specific traces), Remove empty elements (Delete Empty, On schedule (Schedule), and recovery (Restore). When you select Scan in-depth display a full list of paths where the program is going to be cleaned . You can adjust this list on your own. One of the interesting features include the removal of trace files in the MFT, in labels Cookies, in the USN Journal (journal of calls to the file system), file Index.dat, in the history of the system of Windows, pagers stories in boot manager, in the Jump List for the application icons, etc.
The scanning time of the system will depend on the number of files, magazines and other items, but overall it is quite fast. After this procedure PrivaZer provide you with statistics on scanned files and folders. Then you can start the cleaning system, which has a button Clean. The cleaning process is also dependent on the number of files and settings for cleaning. By the time it can take up to 2 hours or more. A tool such as File Shredder lets you delete a file from your hard disk without the possibility of recovery. This function can be called from the context menu by clicking on the file right-click. Then you need only to confirm their intention to delete the file in the dialog box.
In the settings PrivaZer can find some interesting things. For example, here you can delete the swap file (pagefile.sys), hibernation, and backup registry for Windows. Depending on the needs of the user can set the “background” or “accelerated” mode. Thanks to this abundance of options and opportunities PrivaZer program should find its place in the market in this class. Additionally included in the utility function even that are present only in expensive commercial products. This relates to the purification of low-level file system elements. PrivaZer application is designed to work in the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8 (32 and 64 bit versions).

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