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Software Name  PrivaZer 3.0.8
Size  11.62 MB
Version  3.0.8
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Description PrivaZer – a useful utility that helps you clean your computer from sensitive information tracks. It will prepare a detailed report with a list of all detected traces found in the registry, browsing history, cookies, etc. PrivaZer also give you the opportunity to remove all the detected or selected objects with the help of special algorithms.

The program works fast enough, has a user-friendly interface supports removable and USB-keys, creates a copy of the changes made to the registry and so on.

In PrivaZer is possible to specify the device to scan that allows a choice between the computer in general, hard drives, external storage media, including USB-stick, iPod, MP3-players, memory cards, and even network drives. Ability to work on schedule program. Once the app will check the whole computer, it allows you to see exactly how many items are found in various categories. The cleaning process takes only a few minutes depending on the number of detected errors.

In the settings PrivaZer program can be found a number of interesting things. For example, here you can delete the swap file (pagefile.sys), hibernation and back up the Windows registry. Depending on the needs of the user can set the “background” or “accelerated” mode. With this abundance of options and opportunities PrivaZer program must find its place in the market in this class. Additionally included in the utility function even that are present only in expensive commercial products. This applies to the purification of low-level file system elements.

PrivaZer 3.0.8 a good application that can optimize your computer’s performance. The program has a simple interface, which is quite easy to manage, thanks to the intuitive layout elements. PrivaZer application is designed to work in an environment of Windows XP, of Seven, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit versions).

10 Innovative solutions in the field of data security
• Smart-cleaning space
• Detection of residual traces of free space
• Prevent file recovery
• Cleaning Residual traces in Tables MFT and FAT
• SMART-dubbing. Recognition of the type of storage media: magnetic disk, SSD, etc. Adapting to the media overwrite algorithms
• Clean your lists quickly navigate without removing the fixed elements / sites that you have saved
• Smart cleaning Prefetch
• Deleting the history of USB drives
• Skanirovanit and cleaning detention Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys
• Full disk scanning to get the remaining files thumbs.db and show their contents
• Verification of residual traces in the Indexing Service

Main functions
• Search and display
• Cleaning and protection
• Protection from recovery

Viewers included in PrivaZer
• Viewer show disk
• The viewer view Index.dat content
• Viewer to view the contents Pagefile.sys
• Viewer view Hiberfil.sys content
• Viewer view toggle list content (Jumplists)
• Viewer view Thumbcache content

Other key features
• SMART cleaning Cookies
• SMART cleaning Jumplists
• SMART cleaning Prefetch
• Schroeder
• treatment planning
• Live measurement receiving space
• PrivaZer priority of management
• Control Indexing
• Management of hibernation
• Registry Cleanup
• Restoring the Registry
• System Restore
• More than 100 scans / cleanups
• Permanently delete files
… And many other useful features

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