R-Drive Image 6.1 Build 6103 Full + Patch

Software Name  R-Drive Image
Size  109.53 MB
Version  6.1 Build 6103
Screenshot R-Drive Image 6.1 Build 6103 [1] R-Drive Image 6.1 Build 6103 [2]
Description R-Drive Image – is a very powerful tool with which you can easily create hard disk image files and backups of any data. You can create disk image files that have an exact copy of a hard disk, a logical disk, or a partition without rebooting your system and with different compression levels. The created image of the disc can be saved on media of different types, for example such as Iomega Zip, removable media, CD-R (W) / DVD and Jazz discs.

R-Drive Image restores the disk image to the original disk, to another partition or to free unformatted disk space without rebooting the system. To restore a system or locked partition, R-Drive Image is switched to pseudo-graphic mode directly from Windows or the bootable version of the program is launched from a CD or a set of floppies. Using R-Drive Image, you can quickly and completely restore the system after total loss of data caused by a system failure, a virus attack or a hardware failure of the computer.

You can also use R-Drive Image for mass cloning of the system in cases where you need to install one, already configured system, on several identical computers. In other words, you can manually configure one system, create its image and then deploy this image to other identical computers, saving time and money. If you need to restore only a few files, the disk image can be attached as a virtual disk; Data from it, i.e. Directly from the disk image, easily copied by Windows Explorer or other file utilities.

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