Sandboxie 4.14 FULL + Crack

Software Name  Sandboxie
Size  2.51 MB
Version  4.14
Screenshot Sandboxie 4.14 + crack [1]Sandboxie 4.14 + crack [2]
Description Sandoxie is a unique program that allows you to run anything in the so-called “sandbox”, a limited environment, through which run the files, folders, and programs will not have any effect on the real system.Furthermore, if any of the files have been downloaded within the session “sandbox”, they will be removed when it is purified (can also leave them for research).

All changes will be in its own special driver redirected in a virtual environment that emulates the real OS. After that, this sandbox can be saved for research or to remove without affecting your working OS. With it you can quickly remove any changes to the operating system, for example, associated with activity on the Internet (change bookmarks, home page, registry, etc.).

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