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Software Name  Steganos Privacy Suite
Size  63.67 MB
Version  17.0.3 Revision 11480
Screenshot  Steganos Privacy Suite 17.0.3 Revision 11480 [1] Steganos Privacy Suite 17.0.3 Revision 11480 [2]
Description Steganos Privacy Suite – a set of tools for comprehensive protection of your data on the PC and the Internet with the use of methods of cryptography and steganography (the method of encryption of data, which hides the fact of encryption). The program allows you to encrypt the data, keeping them on the virtual encrypted disk (the encryption of information occurs at a rate of about 1 Gbit / s); hide information in audio and image files while retaining full performance (image can be viewed, you can listen to music); conduct encrypted correspondence by e-mail; lock the computer; delete files without leaving the slightest chance of recovery, etc. The program is equipped with a protective mechanism that prevents the loss of information when, for example, power failure and other troubles. Steganos Privacy Suite 15 – adds a firewall and anti-virus using the first-class data protection and encryption system.

Program features:
• storage of selected websites in the protected list. It includes plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
• support for the virtual keyboard
• sending encrypted e-mail. For reading it is necessary to enter a password, and the message is automatically Decode
• hide sensitive data in the form of images or music. No detects encrypted data hidden in these files
• uses 256 Bit AES security algorithm

Components Steganos Privacy Suite:
• Safe data. The maximum size of safe data up to 512 GB. The size of the safe user-defined data. Create an unlimited number of data safes to store photos, music, movies, documents, etc. Automatic safe shut down when user logs out or when computer is idle
• Portable data safe. Turn your USB-disks, mobile phones, iPod, CD and DVD-ROM in a convenient, portable, safe data that can be accessed on other systems – without extra software.
• E-mail in your mail safe. Protection of the user e-mail, contacts, calendars, etc. for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. You can not access e-mail without a password.
• 100% data deletion. Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations with Steganos Shredder using a hard disk, USB-sticks, rewritable CD, DVD and memory cards. Free Space Shredder allows user defined free space on the disk. Trash Shredder completely and securely removes data from the Recycle Bin
• Automatically erases digital footprint. Full automatic removal of traces of in the browser and on your computer. Steganos Trace Destructor ensures work documents and last visited web sites can not be viewed.
• Password Management. Keeps all user passwords and automatically fill out forms on websites. Steganos Password Manager can create individual profile setups for multiple users, and private and office profile accounts.
• Password Generator Quickly create a strong password protection. The user can set password properties such as length, special characters, numbers, upper and lower case.
• Check password security. Evaluates and provides feedback on password strength. Multilingual dictionary instantly flags and warns user about unsafe passwords.
• The opening of the safe data. Allows manual access to data safes using a USB-drives, PDA, memory card or iPod. Automatic opening of the safe data in mobile phones with Bluetooth using ActiveSync.
• Use safe data across the network. Upgrade Steganos Safe to use safe data network. The first user to open a safe accesses “read and write”, subsequent users can access “read only.”

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