Symantec Backup Exec 2015 14.2 Build 118 Full + Regfile

Software Name  Symantec Backup Exec
Size  1.99 GB
Version  14.2 Build 118
Screenshot  Symantec Backup Exec 2015 14.2 [1] Symantec Backup Exec 2015 14.2 [2]
Description Symantec Backup Exec  – will help to solve possible problems backup. Backup Exec ™ 15 provides protection for the entire infrastructure on the basis of efficient, flexible and user-friendly solution for backup and recovery on any platform – a virtual, physical or cloud. Backup Exec 15 offers enhanced support for VMware, a higher level of scalability and performance, simplified update, support for cloud storage, as well as the latest operating systems and applications * – for faster and more reliable backup.

In addition, Backup Exec 15 provides a fast, efficient, and flexible recovery to any extent, including as many as servers, virtual machines, applications, files, folders, and individual objects. Backup Exec also provides the following functions:
– Efficient block-level deduplication and change tracking units reduce the amount of stored data.
– Tight integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) for quick snapshots of virtual machines.
– One decision and management console for virtual and physical environments can reduce costs and simplify the protection of the entire environment.
– Flexible storage options allow you to store backups on almost any device (disks, magnetic tapes, third-party cloud services).

New features Backup Exec 15
Enhanced support for VMware
• Backup Exec extends the list of supported VMware environments and provides better integration with vSphere 6: ESXi 6.0, vCenter 6.0, Virtual SAN 6, virtual volumes, security certificates 6 vSphere and VMware EVO: RAIL.
Simple operation upgrade and migration
• Quick and easy transition to Backup Exec 15. Backup Exec uses a single backup policy for multiple servers and configuration settings when replacing Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3 or earlier. In addition, customers with a valid license to Backup Exec, Backup Exec V-Ray or Backup Exec Small Business Edition will receive a discount when you go to Backup Exec Capacity Edition!
Amazon cloud storage
• New integration capabilities AWS Storage Gateway VTL increase IT agility through a transparent migration of existing and new backups to the cloud storage.
• Users can now take full advantage of storing data in the cloud (automation, flexibility, pay-per-use, etc.) Directly from Backup Exec, without wasting precious time and resources to learn and configuration of new products or upgrades to the environment.

Enhanced scalability and improved performance
– New version of Backup Exec supports granular recovery of VMware virtual machines with disks GPT and VMware virtual machines with volumes emokstyu than 2 TB.
– Restoration of the transport mode vSphere SAN to take advantage of high-performance storage.
– Support for vSphere SATA drives in transport mode HotAdd.

Key features
– Protection of the virtual and physical environments with a single solution.
– Quickly create snapshots of virtual machines through tight integration with technologies such as Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP), which allows to reduce the amount of CPU, memory, and input-output on the virtual host.
– Backup to disk, tape and cloud.
– Fast, efficient and universal restoration, provides a simple and instant recovery of virtual machines, servers, applications, databases, files, folders and even individual objects.
– Integrated Disaster Recovery “from scratch” with the transformation of physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical (V2P).
– Flexible data deduplication on the block level in the virtual and / or physical environment.
– Automatic detection and protection of virtual machines immediately after their inclusion, ie. E. The first day of creation.
– User-friendly interface with intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizard provides a high level of visibility for fast-tracking and monitoring of all backup jobs and recovery, as well as management.
Key Benefits
– Ability to abandon the highly specialized solutions that increase management costs, creating a backup job, the amount of duplicate data and storage space, the transition to a unified, scalable solution to protect both virtual and physical environments.
– Fast and reliable backup, including backup of VMware virtual machines and Hyper-V backup and deduplication using Backup Exec.
– Significant reduction in downtime and data loss due to the rapid recovery of the required data at any time.
– Simplify and accelerate data recovery directly from the repository increases efficiency. Do not waste your precious time and disk space to mount the backup job and searching for information.
– Integrated deduplication and archiving technology to help protect more data while reducing backup windows, network traffic and disk space required to store backup files.
– Reducing the consumption of CPU, memory, and input-output on a virtual host in a reliable and consistent backups of virtual machines without interrupting the application.
– Single management console for all backup environment saves time, money and reduces the complexity.

Changes Symantec Backup Exec 2015:
• Changes in the user interface for the Backup Exec
• Changes in terminology for Backup Exec
• View the changes in the house
• Changes in the job monitor operation and warning display
• Changes devices, media and media servers to display
• Changes to save the data to disk
• Changes in the workflow backup
• Changes in the working process of recovery
• Changes in the global settings
• Changes in the Backup Exec Command Line Applet
• What happens to jobs, when you upgrade to Backup Exec

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