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Software Name  The KMPlayer
Size  34.24 MB
Screenshot  The KMPlayer [1] The KMPlayer [2]
Description The KMPlayer – is a video / audio player with built-in codecs (VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, mp3, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, FLV, QuickTime and others.) That allows watch movies (including DVD), and listen to music without having to install any codecs (K-lite Codec, Vista Codec Package, CCCP). The KMPlayer is equipped with a modern design, easy to set up, has the ability to assign and change the keyboard shortcuts. Have the ability to run from the command line, it can be useful if say you have recorded on the movie disc and give it to someone else, in the startup disk, you can specify the start of the film through the KMPlayer, after saving it to disk.

The KMPlayer has a large number of settings for the video, which can significantly improve the quality of video. In KMPlayer’s hard not to find the function you need. In KMPlayer’e can change skins and their color, it is possible to record the playback sound in the file connection DSP plug-ins, display subtitles, visualization when playing audio files.

KMP 3D – KMPlayer supports videos in 3D with low consumption of memory and CPU provides the optimized, stable playback with support for GPU. One touch of a button you can enjoy gorgeous 3D world of home cinema, as well as you can comfortably enjoy 3D content without the need for downloading through our application 3D Movie Plus.

Program features:
• KMPlayer – fully customizable player, offering a wide range of skins and color schemes
• Built-in codec has not clog the system of “unnecessary” entries in the registry
• Playing nedokachannyh and “broken” files
• Locked files during download or vice versa Distribution
• Playback of audio and video streaming
• Supports compressed albums (zip, rar)
• Ability to play a certain segment of the material (set start and end points)
• The ability to use plug-in for Winamp
• Support for external filters DScaler

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