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Software Name  TweakBit Software Pack
Size  52.90 MB
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Description TweakBit PCCleaner – is a program that is not only clean your hard drive, but also prevents nakaplenie mess in the first place. It scans your system looking in the nooks in the search for debris that may reduce the performance of your kompyutera.Programma safely cleans the Windows and user temp files, cache, Microsoft Office, Internet files remaining on your web browser temporary files SunJava, error logs, and much more . In addition to this, it can free gigabytes of space by turning off is not always useful Hibernation in Windows. PCCleaner with automatic performance remedies that work to remove unwanted files, preventing the accumulation of clutter. With a powerful program like this, any user can keep your system in good order and operate at peak efficiency.

Key features TweakBit PCCleaner:
• Increase the disk space to store important files.
• Faster application launch.
• More efficient anti-virus scan and defrag.
• Increase in space for virtual memory.
• There is a lack of room for error when downloading software.

TweakBit Software Pack – this program is to configure your computer to provide maximum performance for the specific type of problem, be it games, documents, or something else. Do you use your home computer to watch movies or online videos, talking with your family or friends via Skype or a similar program, viewing web pages or communicate using instant messaging programs – this is the mode in Nome PCBooster to help you get the most from your home computer. When you are busy with important work-related tasks such as creating text documents, payments, correspondence by e-mail, messaging or using other common office applications is the mode of Office, to ensure maximum efficiency. When all the work is done with the click of a button you GAME disable unnecessary background processes and applications and use the maximum amount of memory and CPU resources for your game. Your computer may not be installing the game, but it can get the maximum resources PCBooster. There is also an Advanced Mode to give your computer extra power for any situation. Save your settings nastraivoemom profile for future use.

The main modes of the program TweakBit PCBooster:
• HOME – business continuity.
• OFFICE – perform the work in less time.
• GAMING – increasing the power of your computer for the perfect game.
• CUSTOM – speed up your computer for other tasks by configuring it manually.

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