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Software Name  USB Safely Remove
Size  9.52 MB
Description USB Safely Remove is an advanced and very reliable and replacement for the ‘Safe Extraction of Different Devices’. This solution is guaranteed to save your data when you stop the device, as well as to stop the process optimally convenient. Now the stop menu will only show the devices that you need. The name of any device can be easily changed – make it simple or vice versa as detailed as possible. USB Safely Remove will in most cases automatically assign clear names without your participation. You can also designate a standard icon for devices that you like, or you can download any owl from the hard drive.

Main functions:
“Return the device back!”
After you stopped the device, but still have not disabled it, sometimes it would be very useful to bring it back to the system. For example, if you remember that you forgot to write the file to disk after it was stopped. In this case, you are forced to physically reconnect the device. However, sometimes it is rather inconvenient, for example, if the device is connected to the back of the computer. USB Safely Remove allows you to return the device back in one click!
After you safely remove the device, it will remain in the menu marked with a red cross. Just click on this cross to bring it back!

Stops any hot swap devices.
The new version can see and stop devices such as PCMCIA. It also has a unique feature to stop even those hot-plug devices whose drivers do not support “safe extraction”, for example, the Silicon Image SATA device. USB Safely Remove stops these devices by “disconnecting”, it makes stopping these devices user-friendly – in the same order as with the usual safe removal.

Secure extraction in one click
The program is an original and convenient tool for safely removing the device. It also detects all devices connected and can be used to view their contents. Just hover your mouse over the icon in the tray of the program, and you will see a menu, with a list of devices. One click on the device and it’s safely removed!

Get rid of unnecessary devices!
Are you afraid of an accidental stopping of the card reader built into the laptop or key? Irritated SATA hard drive or ADSL modem in the list of devices? Now you can remove any device from the stop menu in one easy step.

Global keyboard shortcuts
Do you like to do everything with a keyboard? Now you can stop and view the devices with just ONE hotkey! Do not forget the key combination for each device. If you are in any program, press the shortcut key (Win + S by default), and you will see the stop menu. Use the up / down arrow keys to select the device you need, and press the “Enter” key to stop it or ‘Ctrl + B’ to view the contents of any storage device.

Correct and understandable device names
With USB Safely Remove, you will easily find the device that you want to extract, because the program determines the real device names – the names that the manufacturer assigned. If you want, you can assign your own name and picture to the device or select one of the pre-installed images.

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