VirtualBox 5.1.24 Build 117012 Full + Patch

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Version  5.1.24 Build 117012
Description VirtualBox – this application is a powerful virtual machine with which you can install on your computer a lot of virtual systems, with the program will work with them in separate from each other windows. Supports various guest systems of the Windows family (XP / NT / 2000 / Vista / 2003, Windows 8 and 7,) as well as OpenBSD, Linux and DOS.

As in other similar applications, there is a possibility to start and stop guest OS, configure the use of computer resources, exchange data between the main and guest operating system, take screenshots of the virtual system, and much more. You can adjust the amount of allocated RAM and processor power for the guest operating system. The guest OS is called the one that is installed in the emulator, in this case, VirtualBox.

Why would someone run multiple operating systems at the same time? There are many uses for such technologies:

• First, if the virus attacks the guest system, the main one will remain untouched. Therefore, many people test their software on such systems.

• Secondly, on the network all these systems have their own IP-addresses and equipment parameters … So, there are many opportunities for pampering, as well as for serious practical solutions to network tasks.

• Thirdly, many people often wanted to put on their computer an exotic system, such as Linux or MacOS. It is thanks to VirtualBox that you can test it first, and then decide whether to install it on your own computer or not.

• Fourthly, such a system is very mobile. All the settings and structure of the hard drive of guest systems are stored in specific folders on your computer. So, you can easily transfer the already configured and workable system to another computer just by installing VirtualBox there and dragging several files from there on your computer.

In the fourth version, the program architecture was redesigned: it now consists of a basic package and sets of extensions. The main package is distributed under the GPLv2 license. In addition, the interface has been redesigned, the locations of the program files have been changed, the amount of supported memory has been increased on 32-bit guest systems, new virtual components have been added: the Intel ICH9 chipset and Intel HD Audio chipset. Also improved support for OVF, improved work with VDI and VHD images, added support for several virtual screens on Linux and Solaris guest systems.

Of the most notable innovations:
• The virtualizer code is optimized.
• Video acceleration in RDP sessions.
• Experimental support for Mac OS X as a guest OS.
• mechanisms for dynamically managing the size of RAM and the number of processors in guest systems.
• the ability to run separate programs installed inside the virtual environment (similar to Windows XP Mode).
• A series of innovations was implemented.

Key features:
• Support for 64-bit guest systems, even on 32-bit host systems.
• Support SMP on the side of the guest system.
• Experimental support for hardware 3D acceleration.
• Support for images of VMDK and VHD hard disks.
• Support for virtualization of audio devices (AC97, SoundBlaster 16).
• Support for various types of network interaction (NAT, Host Networking via Bridged, Internal).
• Support for a chain of saved virtual machine states (snapshots), which can be rolled back from any state of the guest system.
• Support for Shared Folders for simple file exchange between host and guest systems.
• Support for the integration of desktops (seamless mode) host and guest OS.
• Multilingual interface (including Russian)

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