Webcam Zone Trigger Standard 3.403 Full + Crack

Software Name  Webcam Zone Trigger Standard
Size  28.01 MB
Version  3.403
Screenshot  Webcam Zone Trigger Standard 3.403 [1]
Description Webcam Zone Trigger – is a powerful utility for working with Web cameras. With it you can capture images from any web camera or analog devices. Just exercise control over the object at several points. When motion is detected submits audio signals, records video, takes pictures. Unable to find a highly reliable security alarm system for the car or hitryuschy Castle, timeless attacker. It has long been known that if there is a person who has made the castle, there is the person who opens it. So we have to equip their apartments, cars and other valuable property guarding multiple devices. And to make the dream even more calm you can “hire” personal guard in the face of the program Webcam Zone Trigger.

The program Webcam Zone Trigger requires a WEB-camera, with which will be monitored for the protected object or area. The image was obtained with a WEB-camera, you need to place the so-called «Hot Spots» – marks in the area where you want to monitor activity. Once in the area of ??the label will change the image, the program immediately notifies the user. For example, pointing the camera at the car standing at the window, and spread around the label, you can not crumple that if an intruder tries to get close, Webcam Zone Trigger will start beeping, record video or take pictures of what is happening.

Capabilities and features:
• Play audio files (.wav).
• capture images (files .bmp).
• Capture video files (.avi).
• sending images to an FTP server on the Internet
• sending images via e-mail
• Start files (all types: .exe, .jpg, .mp3 …)
• driven by a single click
• Hotkeys
• Mute Windows
• detailed log files
• capture images at a set interval
• autostart with Windows
• Broadcast your video to internet
• the ability to work in the background

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