ZD Soft Screen Recorder 10.4.1 Full + Keygen

Software Name  ZD Soft Screen Recorder
Size  8.62 MB
Version  10.4.1
Description ZD Soft Screen Recorder – This is a very convenient application for recording video from the computer screen. ZD Soft Screen Recorder works as a step-by-step wizard, in which it is very easy to configure all parameters of video recording. In the first menu you will need to select the type of content that you want to record. You can record just the actions on the screen, the video from the online or local player, or the gameplay in the game. The second option is especially interesting, but about it a little lower.

When recording actions on the screen, you can select the full-screen mode, a separate window, or an arbitrary rectangular area on the screen. Further in a simple form is the choice of the source of sound: “What You Hear” and “What You Say” – these two options are responsible for recording what you hear in your speakers, and what you are saying in the microphone.

When recording a video playing online on a web page, you must set the area of ??the screen that interests you, that is, adjust the rectangular area under the player. But in the case of the player on the computer, ZD Soft Screen Recorder itself guesses what you want to record! You only need to set the timer, and click on the record button. In this case, the program will record only the video, without the interface of the player itself and even without black bars at the top-bottom or right-left! The file will only save the video, in the amount in which it was on your screen.

As for games, there are also several modes: full-screen, Windows-game and online game. All other settings do not differ from other types of video recording.

In general, ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a very convenient, very simple and very functional tool. In some functions, this program is far advanced compared to other similar tools. The only thing that is not pleasant in this program is the availability of payment for use.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder will help you:
• Create a demo video to demonstrate how to use the software.
• Capture streaming video to hard disk for local playback.
• Record your progress in games to show how cool you are in the game.
• Record video from a remote computer via video chat software.

• Full screen recording
• Recording a portion of the screen (area)
• Recording screens of multiple monitors
• Tracking the application window
• Tracking the mouse cursor
• Mouse backlight / effects
• Adding the author’s logo / signature to the entry
• Support for recording games in full screen mode
• Support for recording games in window mode
• Support for Direct3D 8/9/10/11
• Overlay video from webcam
• Overlaying video information about the frame rate
• Displays the video recording icon
• Adjust the size and position of the video display window from the webcam
• Enable the video window from the webcam using the shortcut keys
• Record audio (MP3 and WAV)
• Voice recording
• Mixing sound and voice comment
• Mute / unmute sound at any time during recording
• Timer recording
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Video recording formats: AVI / WMV
• Screenshot formats: PNG / BMP / JPG

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