Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.160 Full + Crack

Software Name  Zero Assumption Recovery
Size  9.39 MB
Version  10.0.160
Screenshot Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.160 [1] Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.160 [2]
Description Zero Assumption Recovery – a program to recover data from damaged hard disk and then record them to other media. It works on systems from Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2 and recovers data from FAT, NTFS, EXT2 / 3, and ReiserFS partitions including those located in the hardware arrays RAID0 or RAID5. It can work with long file names and different languages ??(including Russian), supports the NTFS-compression. Any recovery mode digital photos and automatically searches for lost partitions.

Key features:
• Operates on systems from Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2
• Supported file systems FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS (all versions)
• Limited support for file system ext2 (Linux)
• Support to recover the hard drive partitions
• Supports Recovery for RAID0 and RAID5
• Supports long file names and national
• Supports native NTFS compression

It makes ZAR different from other data recovery utilities for three reasons:
1. Easy to use. If you are even slightly familiar with the computer, you can restore the data using their own ZAR. ZAR is ideal for PC users who know what a hard drive and how much they had in the system. More tech-savvy users the opportunity to fine-tune.
2. Recover critical data requires special care and thoroughness. ZAR slowly and methodically crawls through your disk, checking and re-checking everything and recovering as much as possible. Program quickly complete the analysis in seconds and do not give anything. ZAR persists, and wins.
3. ZAR effective rest. We understand the value of lost data and therefore each piece of the extracted data can be vital. When restoring our algorithms utilities never fully rely on the data from the damaged drive. If there is a disagreement of any kind, the truth is established by rigorous checks and rechecking. Utilities Zero Assumption Recovery successfully recovers data even in the most hopeless cases, thanks to powerful and stable algorithms.

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