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Description Corel Painter – this is the world’s leading software in the field of digital art, the program created by artists for artists, opens the door to a world of creativity. An impressive array of brushes, paper textures, oil and watercolors, as well as many others will allow you to realize your creative vision Painter! With its extensive support for various file formats can continue to work on the project started in other graphics programs.

Art direction in which you will be comfortable working with Corel Painter:
• photography. Photographer captures rare moments, and then turn photos into digital art. Powerful functions cloning images and tools for painting in Painter to help in the creation of striking and original works that will make a lasting impression on any viewer.
• Traditional Painting. Traditional artist relies on the use of time-tested methods of work and prefer to start with a blank canvas. Painter gives you the opportunity to combine classical techniques with the technology of Natural-Media® and create works of digital art that are as delicious as the real web.
• Illustrating. Illustrator in his works reveals the essence and the emotional tone of the work. Whether you are designing a storyboard sketches or create illustrations for magazines, draw manga comics and whether or create book covers – with our versatile software to illustrate your work Painter leave a lasting impression.
• Concept design. Artist sketches working on giving visual form wonderful ideas. Whether you work in the genre phantasmagoria or creates content for film, television and games, you will find Painter professional tools needed to illustrate the artistic concepts.
• Design. Designer develops projects aimed at the target audience. Whether you’re working on the creation of logos, images for web pages, or are developing industrial design, advanced technology Painter can help you gain recognition of any audience.
• Art for beginners. Every career starts with a single step. Painter offers a simple and easy-to-use tools that will be appreciated by students, young artists and those who just want to express themselves in writing. In addition, we offer Painter Lite – a universal app for the PC, which has everything you need for the acquisition of basic skills.

Program features:
The most realistic digital painting
• System RealBristle ™ is a huge step forward in the development of digital art: while drawing on the tablet to reproduce the feeling of working with real paint and canvas
Leading digital art tools
• New finest tools “Kaleidoscope” and “Mirror drawing” allow you to quickly create on canvas fascinating patterns and color transitions preserving symmetry and absolute precision. Tool “Kaleidoscope” is only available in Painter!
Designed for ease of operation
• The new interface simplifies the selection of brushes, work with libraries, color management and image adjustment. High-quality images drawing allows us to consider even the smallest details of the picture.
Ideal complement other graphic programs and devices
• With the support of import Photoshop files with them, you can easily work in Painter. When converting files in Photoshop Painter colors and layers preserved. Support for the latest tablets Wacom® artist provides exceptional freedom for creativity.

Virtual lab
• Improved color recognition when importing from Adobe® Photoshop®, and individual color profiles for each document will make color reproduction more accurate.
• Tools fotozhivopisi SmartStroke ™ technology will creatively transform reality.
• Adjustable surface texture will give your creature personality and allow to achieve the level of detail that is not available with other tools for digital painting and photography.

Education through experiment
• Using the tools of digital art, you can experiment with color, composition and brush strokes without contact with toxic substances, disorder and expenses that are inevitable when working with traditional materials.
• New management tools «Hard Media» give the artist an opportunity to experiment over and over again, achieving the desired result.
• «Smart” tools to create compositions, such as “Golden Section» (Divine Proportion), «The Rule of Thirds» (Rule of Thirds) and “Rule of Fifth» (Rule of Fifths) will help you organize the space of the canvas, the composition of your picture was flawless .

The main functions of Corel Painter 2015
• New! Search Module brushes. This module allows you to quickly find and select the desired brush. Just enter your name or your brush, and Painter will find you what you need. With the preview, you can be sure that this is the brush you were looking for
• New! Preview brush strokes. Now you can see how each brush stroke will appear on the canvas. It is also possible preview of parameters such as the combination of (Mixing), Erase (Erasing), mixing (Blending) and swing (Jitter). Preview Window displays the results of adjustment parameters in real time. Rough canvas is no longer needed!
• New! Additional controls tassels. Custom brushes in just a few mouse clicks. New brushes optimizer shows the main parameters of each brush. In addition, you now have the opportunity to make further changes to the settings and view the amendment in the process. Never before was the tassels were not so comfortable
• New! Brush fluctuation parameters (Jitter brushes). Built brush oscillation parameters simulate the effect of random elements and a “good bugs” that work with these different art materials. To enhance the effect of organic realistic parameters embedded in the hands Jitter can make further changes.
• New! The effect of fluctuations in the parameters (Jitter expression). Add the effect of fluctuations in the parameters of your brushes and adjust the transparency (Opacity), grain (Grain), size (Size), angle (Angle) and other parameters. This is a great way to bring in your product unique element of chance.
• New! Guides prospects. The guide will help prospects accurately draw one-, two- or three-point grid perspective. To do this, simply select the vanishing point and set the line – brush strokes automatically form the direction specified by the grid. In addition, you can save the workpiece, change the color of the lines and add additional guides.
• New! Reference image (Reference image). Acquire inspiration, working directly with the reference image in the interface Painter. Simply place the image on the screen – it will not break your workflow. In addition, it will give you the ability to instantly take color samples.
• New! Meetings with artists Paint Jam. Join online meetings with professional artists, who will talk about the challenges and successes in his career. These monthly interviews will be for you a source of new knowledge and inspiration.
• Improved! The cloning process. Work faster when cloning image. Now you can simultaneously see the working image and cross cursor on the original image. You can also make changes to the source images and automatically save them.
• Improved! Convert multiple layers simultaneously. Now it is possible to quickly make changes to multiple layers simultaneously. This saves time and allows you to focus on the creative aspects of the project.
• Improved! Palettes and libraries color sets. Painter offers endless possibilities for working with color. Set the maximum number of colors to be added to the set of images, layer, selection, or palette. Also, use new and interesting color palettes.
• Improved! Optimization of RAM. A significant increase in speed and productivity. In addition, improved performance on systems with large amounts of RAM. This is a great way to solve the resource-intensive tasks.
• Improved! The possibility of sharing brushes and management. Now you can instantly send the brush by e-mail, post them on the Internet or to transfer to USB-drive. The recipient simply double-click the file to start Painter X3 and automatically import the brush, category or brush library.
• Tools RealBristle. Technology RealBristle ™ reproduces the sensation of working with traditional materials with unsurpassed realism. Work with oil paints, watercolors, crayons, markers, pencils and other materials. Pressure and angle by moving the pen on the tablet allow you to control the intensity of color and shading.
• Maps flow (Flow Maps). Take the behavior of the paint on the canvas under control. With cards, you can set the direction of flow distribution when working with paint tools Realistic watercolor (Real Watercolour) and fresh oil paint Realistic (Real Wet Oil). To enhance the effect, you can create your own set of textures and brushes.
• Intelligent tools fotozhivopisi. Turn photos into paintings by hand or leave it automatic drawing palette (Auto-Painting). Brush SmartStroke ™ technology will dutifully repeat the lines and contours photos, as would the artist himself.
• Customizable surface texture. Achieve a natural texture and detail, unattainable by other means of digital painting and photography. Select the appropriate paper texture for your drawing, or create and customize your own textures to make a truly unique work.
• Flexible control brush. Keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to the settings of the brush. Interactive controls allow you to quickly and centrally modify settings such as brush size (Size), transparency (Opacity), compression (Squeeze) and angle (Angle). In addition, scaling when resizing allows you to keep the proportions correct brush.
• Setting up of brush (Brush tracking). This wonderful feature will help you save time and effort. Setting trace brush allows you to instantly adjust Painter to remember your manners such features drawing, as the preferred speed and force push each brush.
• Move or copy a brush variant within the library. To quickly move or copy a brush variant to any category, simply drag it into the Brushes window. Updated functions to create options and categories of brushes increase the flexibility of the design process and make it easier to preserve options.
• Temporary color palette (Temporal Color Palette). Temporary color palette allows you to quickly and easily change the color of the brush. You can instantly cause temporary color palette and select the color you want, without interrupting your workflow. This palette is displayed only when it is needed, and does not clutter your workspace.
• Custom palette (Custom palettes). Painter Adjust according to your preferences. Create your own palettes for specific projects and the most frequently performed operations. Create a palette saved after each session and provides easy and fast access to the right tools.
• Create custom workspaces and manage them. Optimize your workflow using this universal function that allows you to select the most appropriate tools, and then create, save, delete and share workspaces.
• Compatible with Adobe Photoshop. With native support for Adobe files when converting from Photoshop to Painter and back colors and layers preserved. In addition, you can use third-party plug-ins for Photoshop, to discover an even greater scope for creativity on the PC.
• Compatible with multitouch pen tablet Wacom. Painter offers full support for the entire line of products Wacom, including the Cintiq pen display and pen tablet Intuos. Support for multi-touch technology also makes it possible to control the interface Painter fingertip directly to the screen of the tablet Wacom.
• Enhanced support for file formats. Painter X3 offers support for multiple industry-standard formats, including PNG, PSD, TIFF (CMYK and RGB), BMP, TGA, GIF, JPEG, MOV, AVI and FRM. It also supports the ability to save files in a format EPS.

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