O&O SafeErase Professional Edition 11.0 Build 143 Full + Key

Software Name  O&O SafeErase Professional Edition
Size  29.65 MB
Version  11.0 Build 143
Description O & O SafeErase Professional – this application absolutely eliminates the possibility of recovering previously deleted data! You can completely delete any files with one click of a button. When a file is deleted, the disk space it occupies is overwritten several times, in accordance with fundamental scientific research in the field of security. To completely delete files and folders, you do not need additional applications.

The SafeErase application offers a choice of five different disposal methods that meet the most diverse requirements. These methods differ in the number of operations performed to overwrite the file and various methods of rewriting. The availability of alternative disposal methods ensures the highest level of security.

In addition to traditional methods that meet the safety standards set by NSA (National Security Agency) and BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik). You can also choose the Gutmann method, specially designed to remove the most sensitive data. The method described is based on scientific research and ensures that the corresponding area of ??the hard disk is overwritten 27 times in strict accordance with certain rules.

O & O InstantUnErase for secure recovery
The less information was written to the hard disk after deleting files, the higher the probability of their successful recovery. Based on this statement, the O & O UnErase application must be installed before it becomes necessary to use it. Otherwise, the product can take up the same place on the hard drive that previously occupied the deleted files.

However, even if you delete files from a computer on which the O & O UnErase product was not installed, do not panic. The InstantUnErase function ensures that the application runs safely from the CD. This feature will allow you to perform data recovery without writing new information to the hard disk of your computer. With an easy-to-use wizard, you can create an emergency disk to run the O & O UnErase application without first installing it.

The O & O UnErase installation CD also supports the InstantUnErase function. By running O & O UnErase from the CD, you can restore lost files quickly, easily and without the least risk!

– Internet security: completely removes browser data
– Preset profiles
– Various settings for reliable removal
– Detailed reports on disposal procedures
– Substitution with zeros (for very fast deletion)
– Support for multi-core processors
– Friendly user interface, showing the main functions of the program
– Secure deletion of files and partitions
– Safely remove entire computers without Boot media
– Reliable movement of files and folders
– Six methods of secure deletion of confidential data
– Full integration with Windows Explorer

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