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Software Name  Process Lasso Pro 
Size  10.83 MB
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Description Process Lasso Pro – an updated version of the remarkable and quite popular optimizer processes, with which you can quite significantly improve the stability and optimize the performance of Windows. The program runs fully automatic and uses an innovative technology that improves system stability and responsiveness of the system during periods of increased CPU load. After installing the program is written in the tray and does its work quietly without disturbing the work of other processes and applications. In the open window you can see the current system load curve and the list of running processes with detailed information about each, and the ability to not only watch, but also to manage them.

Process Lasso Pro – The fact that Windows runs the program allows to determine the resources required by the CPU without restraint. As a result, there are situations when one or more processes simultaneously attempt to monopolize resources, resulting unpleasant mikrolagam and hanging up. En ProBalance intelligent technology constantly monitors and accurately distributes the priorities of running programs, load leveling and preventing conflict situations, which significantly improves the stability of the system.

Installation and initial setup program does not present any difficulties even for inexperienced users. After unpacking the archive, you must run the file ProcessLassoSetup.exe (not QuickUpgrade.exe). The default settings make optimal parameters. Simply press the “Next” button and everything will work. Experienced users Process Lasso can give full control over the process. Available general settings and settings for each process in the context menu, where you can determine the maximum load level of each process, the level of system response ProBalance, limit the number of copies of a running program or to prohibit further unwanted startup processes for selected processes, you can prevent your computer from sleep mode to determine Gameplay for setting a high priority for gamers and much more … The formed configuration can be saved to a file and then download if necessary. It should be noted that in most cases no additional configuration required. Process Lasco works on the principle of “set and forget”. It is not a substitute for the dispatcher processes such as Autorun Manager, most excellent complement to it.

Features Process Lasso:
• Dynamic balancing priority processes to optimize performance
• The use of standard process priorities
• Acceleration in the foreground
• Limiting the number of copies of programs
• Prevent run specific programs
• Maintain statistics of running processes
• Dynamic graph of system load
• Separate core engine program
• Support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems
• And much more…

Graphical Interface Process Lasso:
• Easy installation and rules of priority process affinity to CPU default
• If desired, display tooltips to notify you at the time the action
• Unique scoring system reactivity of the system and display graphics
• Easy-to-use menu system by right-clicking the mouse to quickly set priorities
• Monitoring and control of processes without the need to open the GUI

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